Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm confused...

So I'm driving home this afternoon and hear on a local newscast that parents and school officials are petitioning a nearby county's school board to go ahead with expansion plans that have been pushed back.  For instance, a new elementary school and some additions to other schools that were scheduled for this year are now slated for 2011 or something like that.  One of the principals was appealing the decision by pointing out that her school has used "every available square" of their property for teaching space - they have converted a tractor shed (!!!!!!!!!!) into a classroom, they have cut out a wall between two closets to use it as a classroom (!!!!!!!!) and they are still having new students enroll at an average rate of one per day due to the growth of the community.  Yet the school board has put a stop to the building projects.  Now, EVERYTHING else about public schooling aside..... WHY would you enroll your child in a school where their classroom will be a closet or tractor shed???????????????????????  Honestly, if I went into the school to enroll my kid and saw that those were the conditions, I would say "No, thanks.  I'll keep my kid at home"   - right? At least until the new school is built?


I just had to comment on that because the whole thing seems so ridiculous to me.  My kids may do their schoolwork in odd places, but it's totally their choice!!! We have plenty of tables and desks in well-ventilated, well-lit, comfortable places for learning to happen.  I would think that the only class that should be taught in a tractor shed is mechanics.  But maybe that's just me.





DanielleW said...

Yes, that is ridiculous! It's not just you.

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

I noticed that you had added me to your list of friends, but I don't think we've met. So, I popped over to check out your blog and say "hi".


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