Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Rules

These are "The Rules" that I posted yesterday.  Landon is the only kid that's read them so far, and he had no questions or problems with them.  Except that when he looked at the schedule he told me there was no way he could get up that early except on Sundays.  "Mom, there's not an alarm clock loud enough to wake me up!"  LOL  We'll have to ease him into that, I suppose. 

The Rules

  1. Be on time for school.  If you are late, you will have your chores assigned without option to trade; and your bedtime will be moved up by one half hour.  "On time" means you are ready to read your Bible, and ready to eat if you plan to.

  2. Chores will be "drawn" from the box each morning at 8:30am.  Those are your chores for the day.  You may be permitted to negotiate or trade chores, with Mom's approval.  Mom has the final say on all chores assigned or traded.  No exception - no arguments.

  3. Everyone is still responsible for their own "stuff" and their own "mess" - this includes, but is not limited to: cleaning up after yourself promptly; putting away your own clean laundry; folding laundry if it's there and you're watching TV.  You should be trying to make everyone's chores easier by doing your part, and being willing to help out.

  4. Entertainment (TV, computer time, games etc) is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.  Those privileges may be denied, postponed, or the time shortened if chores and schoolwork are not up-to-date.  Do not infringe upon others' time, and respect the time allotted to you, or the privileges may be revoked for a set time as punishment.  The TV will not be watched during school hours.  If you feel you need extra time, or a time other than the one assigned to you, you must request these changes in advance.

  5. You will be expected to follow the posted schedule as it applies to you.  Please note that although there are specific times for chores - this does NOT mean that chores are not to be done at other times during the day, it means that during the posted chore-hour you WILL work at chores.

  6. It is your responsibility to take care of your schoolbooks and resources.  There is a bookshelf set apart for their orderly storage - use it! You will need to date all your work, and (for Harrison and Spencer) keep track ot fhte time spent on the assignments.  In return, I will do my best to stay current in grading the assignments and being available to help with schoolwork.

  7. Maintain a good attitude.  If you are having a bad day, don't take it out on the rest of us.  Be polite and respectful at all times.  Those who continue to be openly grouchy, rude, defiant, or disrespectufl may find themselves with lost privileges and/or with extra chores assigned.

I stuck this in the middle, after the "chores" rules but couldn't do it here because it messed up the numbers.  This quote appears after #3 on our posted list:

It's called "service" - not "serve us"

Yesterday was the trail run of the "chorebox" and I think it worked okay.  Again, it will be Harrison that will need to be convinced to play along with a decent attitude.  *sigh*

By the way, I just came over from a message board where the mothers were discussing back to school.  I was once again saddened by the glee expressed by these women at the thought of getting their little ones out of their house.  And I do mean LITTLE ones.  They talked about doing the "Happy Dance" once the kids were out the door at last.  Whatever... I think I've made my feelings on that clear.  I have to be careful how much I say in some of those settings.

ETA:  I didn't want to do a whole 'nother post today, but when I noticed my "On This Day in History" sidebar, I really felt that I should post a link to one of my all-time favorite speeches:  "I Have a Dream"


CrossView said...

Good rules! =D

Sadly, I miss mine when they're gone. Even just visiting granma for the day. =/

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