Saturday, September 22, 2007

"First Day" of Gym class

This is in the First Grade Friday category, and it's not Friday.  But it happened on Friday. 

It's not even a picture from the real first day of class, because I forgot to take my camera that day. 

It's also not a very good picture - kind of dark.

But this is Kennady at Gym class - she loves basketball.

This is an "art project" Kennady made up and she wanted me to take her picture.  Well, how could I not?!  After I took the picture, she proceeded to take it all apart and do a "how-to show" demonstrating to an imaginary TV audience how to make their own - um - whatever this is...  I'm not even sure. 


CrossView said...

Too precious! =D

bakerswife said...

Kennedy is a sweety! Her art project is very interesing.

Blesisngs, Mama K

servingtheKingofkings said...

How creative! She is so cute. That base (coaster) looks familiar...hee hee :).

Canadagirl said...

I LOVE how she took it apart to SHOW how to make it . [0= A true sign of a good teacher .

Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC

In Him<><


Canadagirl said...

Come and see what I gave you on my blog [0=

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