Friday, October 5, 2007

Show & Tell {Fossils}

I'm going to do double duty with my Show & Tell again this week - earlier this week we checked on the "fossils" that we made and I got some pictures. 

One of our Science lessons was about how rocks/minerals "replace" the tissues of dead plants and animals to make fossils.  We did a fun experiment to see how this happens.  We took some sponges and cut them in "bone" shapes, then poured an epsom salt solution (with food coloring!) over them.

I realized after taking this picture that we had WAAAAAAAAAY too much liquid in our "bone" dish, so I poured some out.  Otherwise, we would have been waiting "billions of years" for these fossils.  LOL  Anyway, after several days, the liquid had evaporated, leaving behind salt crystals, which had also begun to form in and around the sponges.  The kids were able to observe that they were not "soft and squishy" any more, but felt "crusty" and rather brittle.


So there you have it, yet another fun and educational Show & Tell brought to you by my favorite Science books.    And hopefully as we get back to more of a routine here (now that DH is going back to work after the surgery) maybe my Show & Tells won't be quite so lame.  LOL


Show & Tell is hosted by Mary aka CanadaGirl - I'm headed over there now to check out the other Show & Tells that I haven't seen yet today.  Come on over!


CrossView said...

Too cool! No doubt these lessons will stick with your kids for, well, forever! =D

And dh is doing well?

naturalpaths said...

That looks like a fun science experiment!

bakerswife said...

I love reading about your scientific experiments!

You are a blessing to you children!



Canadagirl said...

What a fun homeschool mom you are ! I love seeing what you all are doing in science. Science and History are my two favorite hs subjects other than art/crafts. [0;

Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC

In Him<><


drewsfamilytx said...

I think that is a fabulous show and tell-- and what a memorable experiment!

whirlwind said...

Great lesson! We are enjoying the creation series from Dr. Dino that we are getting on netflex this month. We've had a great time learning along with the kids.

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