Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is WACKY WEEK here at Blogger Friend School!  Everything is wacky fun!  This week YOU, the student, get to share something of your choice that is little “Wacky”!!!

Have you done something crazy in your homeschool?  Do you fingerpaint with your toes?  Do you let your children do your hair?  Do you wear your pajamas during homeschool?   Oh, the list is endless, but it’s up to you and how much fun you want to have.

To make it even “wackier” (not sure if it’s really a word, but hey, we don’t check spelling this week at BFS either!!!…..try and type some or all of your post sdrawkcab.  (backwards!)

!keew gnixaler dna nuf a siht ekaM

(…and forwards…Make this a fun and relaxing week!)

Well, I am not even going to try to post anything backwards!! Although I read on someone else's entry that their son found a website that will do that for you, which tempted me for a minute.  LOL  I don't know that we do anything truly wacky in our school, but my friends often tell me that they think we do lots of fun and creative things.  Some of the goofiest things happen during "recess" though.  Like the kids inventing a way to be sumo wrestlers on the trampoline:

Some time ago they also used foam blocks as swords and had quite a battle in the kitchen...

The same foam blocks formed a stage for air guitar by Kennady:

As you can see, we often do school in our pajamas.  Although some days Kennady wears her uniform:

In this case, it was Tinkerbell - it was in the dead of winter too.  LOL


Sometimes the silly things come courtesy of the lesson plans too - like finding ways to teach using food.  This was metamorphic rock (like marble) made from Laffy Taffy:

 I couldn't resist making a volcano out of ice cream when we studied geology:



These were both from last year's science.  This year we are studying physics and I haven't found any food-related physics lessons... YET!


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RebeccaC said...

Edible science!!! I'm coming over! Food physics: Key Lime pie (the reaction of the lime juice with the eggs), sushi (the reaction of the lime juice with the raw fish), butter brickle (the reaction of sugar and butter with heat)

Sounds like your home is a fun place!!!

Have a fantastic week!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh- send some of that ice cream volcano this way!! Those pics of the kiddos playing sumo wrestlers are SO funny!!

Jenn W


loripearce said...

I loved the pics espically of the sumo wrestling!!! It all looks like great fun. We will definetly have to try the ice cream volcano! In order to type backwards I had to type it regular first and then just retype it backwards looking at the original and that made it pretty easy! LOL


tammy said...

Kym....love the sumo wrestling idea!! The things kids come up with. :o) I need to keep my camera out. I keep thinking AFTER the fact that it would have been neat to have a picture of whatever silliness we were in the middle of having. :oP



Christin said...

What creative, FUN pics you have! Love the idea of sumo wrestling! It's so neat to see our children's imaginations at work! :)

nancysnook said...

A volcano pie out of ice cream and root beer! Wonderful post Kym. Thank you for sharing.

ycnaN .srM

rehceaT SFB

Michelle122161 said...

A volcano out of ice cream

We start Creation Geology next week.

I will have to remember this.

I have always been a little leary of trampolines.

I like your kids idea.

They look safe and sound.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading my blog.

The experiment with the steel wool was pretty neat.

I don't remember what gauge we used. Not too big.

What happens: The iron in the steel wool will attract the oxygen and cause it to rust. As more oxygen is changed into `iron oxide`, the water will be pushed up into the glass, displacing the volume of oxygen.

I highly recommend: www.mediaangels.com

They have a 4-Book Creation Science series that can be used as a full years study. Each book is split up into different grade categories: K-3, 4-8 & 9-12

Felice (one of the Author's) is doing a live online Creation Science class on Monday's. You can find out more about it at: CindyRushton.com



belindaletchford said...

Great to see photos.

My son did the muscle man in the tracksuit thing - he used balloons! Very funny!

CrossView said...

That's not wacky! That's FUN! =D

Can we come over and do school with you guys??!!

Sheri said...

The Sumo wrestling is a hoot. It amazes me when kids come up with stuff like this. If we could only bottle it and sell it! Looks like your home is one "wild and wacky" place and I would love to come visit!

solodeogloria said...

I'd love to be at your homeschool! What fun!

I've tagged you for a game! If you'd like to play, you can check it out at my blog. :-)




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