Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More St Augustine

I didn't get to finish sharing pictures and info about our visit to St Augustine on Friday, so here is another short installment.

After looking around on the gun decks at Castillo de San marcos for awhile, we went back down to the courtyard and viewed the rooms in the fortress.  In this room, they display all the flags that have flown over the fortress during its history:

Here the kids are studying a model of the fort:

Inside the chapel - a church bench:

And Landon, perhaps waiting for service to begin:

I didn't take many pictures inside the rooms, and few of the ones I did turned out well because it was just too dark inside these rooms.

To find out more about Castillo de San Marcos, go to the NPS website here.

We made a quick visit to the lighthouse at St Augustine, although we didn't pay the price or take the time to go inside. 

We went out on the marina, hoping to get pictures of pelicans.  LOL

See them on the pilings?  My new obsession was trying to get pictures of pelicans.  This was the best I could do at St Augustine.  I did catch a shot of this heron in flight too:


Jennifer said...

The lighthouse was closed when we went, so we didn't go inside either.

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