Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog Review of 2008

I'm pretty sure I did this last year - posted a summary of the first sentence of the first blog entry of each month over the past year.  It makes for an interesting review, so here goes:

Jan.  2nd - Banff National Park - Part Three

After the drive around the hotel, we drove up to Tunnel Mountain.


Feb. 1st - Show & Tell {A Family of Fans}

Last night DH and I got to go out on a date - and for a favorite event for both of us - an NHL hockey game! 


Mar. 1st - In the News this Week...

A friend emailed this very disturbing new story to me yesterday...

World Net Daily - Judge Orders Homeschoolers in Government Education  (check the link for the full story, I have included only some highlights below)

This was the story from California where the court decision threatened homeschooling in the whole state. 


Apr. 1st - New Website!

I'm very excited about a new website offered by SoCalVal - I've already bookmarked it and have started exploring.


May 2nd - Show & Tell {Co-op Fiesta}

Our spring co-op classes ended a couple weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to load up my pictures to share. 


Jun. 13th - Show & Tell {End of the Year?}

Late spring is a busy time of year - we have two kids playing baseball (my last S&T entry) and those schedules keep us hopping! 


Jul. 10th - Zamboni Field Trip

I've been MIA in the blogworld for almost two weeks now - last week we were on vacation, but this week I've just been busy trying to catch up. 

I did go on to tell about our trip to the Zamboni plant and share pictures.


Aug. 1st - Show & Tell {Combine Demolition Derby}


 I am going to share about THE most redneck, hillbilly thing that I have done in a long time. 

This was fun!!! Great memory!

Sept. 3rd - BFS Assignment #100 {Oh What a Feeling}

I posted an introduction to our family and our reasons for homeschooling in a post a couple weeks ago:  Homeschool Memoirs {All About You} 


Oct. 2nd - Homeschool Memoirs #7 {Favourite Snacks}

I wish we had healthier snack habits, but I guess it could be worse!! 

Those habits are no better now, I'm afraid.


Nov. 1st - Homeschool Memoirs #11 {Field Trips}

Oh man... we have been on so many cool field trips, it is very hard to pick out one that is the all-time favorite.


Dec. 8th - Homeschool Spotlight - High School Curriculum suggestion

Monday's Homeschool spotlight is hosted at Stacy's blog - as I was reading her suggestions for being prepared to homeschool through high school, I thought I should share about a curriculum we started using this year that has been working out very well.

My suggestion was for Notgrass Exlporing America.



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