Thursday, February 12, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs #25 {How Many Loads?}

We’ve been catching up and throwing out a lot of the clutter in our home this past week, and thankfully it looks as if we’ve done so! However, one thing we won’t ever really get rid of, especially in a large family, is laundry. Everyone has it, but just how much?


This question was posted at a Large Family Homeschooling fourm, and I thought it would be fun as one of the memoirs.

Question: Watching the Duggars, and other mega families [our family of 11 is small in comparison!] I was astounded at how many loads of washing. Do all large families do 7 loads a day and more, as I was thinking it sounds a little OTT?

So share all about your laundry. It’s on very rare occasion that it’s suitable to air dirty laundry. Ha!


Mount Washmore is what we call it here.  We are a family of six, so I don't think we have nearly the amount of laundry that larger families do, but I am stunned at the way it piles up and multiplies when we slack off on getting it done.  Generally we do at least one load every day, and try to share the work among several of us.  I make the kids responsible for their own laundry when they hit about 13 or 14 years old, so Harrison has been taking care of his own for a couple years now, and Spencer just started.  This past week, in fact, I struck a deal with Spencer and Landon that they would look after their laundry between the two of them which leaves me with only mine, Kennady's and DH's to worry about!  The downside to it is that I will have to fold it...  up until this deal, I did the washing and drying, and the kids were responsible to fold everything, then everyone put away their own.  But that did have its drawbacks, so I think the new arrangement will work fine once we all are used to it.


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tammy said...'s Mount Washmore here, too. In fact, the quote in my laundry was going to say something about climbing Mount Washmore....but I changed it at the last minute. ;o) Good luck with your new routine.


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