Friday, February 13, 2009

Show & Tell {Co-op Class 09}

Once again, I'm late in getting my Show & Tell posted.  For some reason it has seemed much slower than usual getting my pictures loaded onto photobucket so I can share them, and I don't know if it's my computer or the website, or who knows what.  Anyway,  since I wasn't well enough to teach this week, I got to just hang around during co-op, so I tried to get a few pictures.


Landon and Kennady are both enjoying an art class this year.  They study the style of a famous or influential artist and then do their own version of that type of artwork.  Landon's project this week:

And here's Kennady's:

They also each have a Science class and a Music class.  They are learning to play recorder.  I feel bad that I haven't really given Kennady proper piano lessons, because she really has a good ear.  She almost didn't need the class to learn recorder,as she has been teaching herself at home!


Spencer is taking two classes - one is an art class that is a basic intro to perspective drawing, or drafting.  I think he is really enjoying that one.  I sat in on that class for awhile so I took some pictures.


Students hard at work:




This is Spencer's work in progress:

Spencer's other class is a biology lab, dissecting all kinds of body parts.  I think last week they did a cow eyeball.  Ick.  This week they examined a cow's tongue, and I gathered my courage to step in for a picture.  It wasn't nearly as disgusting as I'd feared.




And finally, on our way out the door after class yesterday, Kennady noticed an insect on the wall.  It's still pretty early in the season for insects to be out, but I gues the recent warm temperatures brought this guy out into the open.  Normally Kennady wouldn't be at all interested, and I sure wouldn't be taking a picture, but her Science class happens to be focusing on insects, so this was a fabulous specimen.  I tried getting some good close-up pictures, and then fortunately found a ziploc baggie, so we saved this critter for the kids to take a better look at next week in co-op.  (the boys that were close by assured us that it was an assassin bug, but I don't know and am not interested enough to look it up!)


And now, at last, I can go to bed with a clear conscience because I got my Show & Tell posted before midnight local time.  but just barely.  Right now its 11:53pm.  For more Show & Tells, visit Mary aka CanadaGirl


Canadagirl said...

It is a Stink Bug ! We have them everywhere. They do not hurt but if you touch them other than picking them up by their intena they will release a STINK. LOL Soooo I have gotten real good at picking them up by the intena and flicking them out the door. Most people around here toss them in the woodstove or down the toilet. As you can tell most people don't like these guys.

Now you know the name to look up on the net. [0=

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC


In Him<><


kympossible said...

some of the kids were saying "stink bug" too, but the boys insisted it was an assassin bug. ((shrugs)) It didn't stinkify us when I put it in the bag, but I haven't opened the bag yet either! LOL



Keri said...

Ooooo a stink kids taught me that,

and YES, they do stink!

Cow tongue...Yucky!

momof3greatkids said...

Some great art work there! I am always late posting my show and tell too, so it's better late than never! Thanks for sharing:))

PlainJane said...

Thanks for popping in and for your well wishes! Great shots of co-op, I like the gear idea. This is our first year that we have not been in co-op. It's been nice having the extra time just to do what we want, but we miss seeing our friends a bit.

Have a good week!

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