Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A is for Artwork

A is for Artwork on Homeschool Coffee Break @
self-portrait in pencil and charcoal by KAT, 2010

 A is for Artwork

A long time ago, in a land far away... okay, just over a year ago, when I was trying to blog on a somewhat regular basis, I had participated in a weekly photo meme  at The Homeschool Post.  Today I found out that the A B See Photo Meme had returned and since I am trying to get back in a habit of blogging, I thought this might help. 

This picture is Kennady's artwork from the co-op art class she took this spring.  In this project, a photo of the student was enlarged and converted to black-and-white; and then about half of it cut away.  The student was to use pencil and charcoal to copy the missing half of the picture and make it look as realistic as possible.  All the kids did a fantastic job of it, and I thought Kennady's was wonderful!

And by the way, as the "title" of the blog indicates, I am still in need of a title for this blog.  Or maybe I'll get used to this temporary one...


5boysandcm said...

Welcome back. I think the title is cute. It's so hard to name blogs. Then you have to name all the posts. It's difficult enough to name kids. :-)

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