Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: In Which We Focus on Appearances

Homeschool:  We are still discussing Africa in Social Studies.  This week we talked about the European colonization of Africa, the Boer Wars, the end of apartheid in South Africa, and on a lighter note we listened to a couple of the Anansi folk tales with books on CD.  That was an easy teaching day for me - I just handed them the books and CDs and instructed them to listen and read along.  8-)  We ended the week by attempting some west African styled animal sculpture using Sculpey clay, with mixed results.  Landon was so frustrated in trying to make a baboon that he eventually gave up and made a lizard or gecko or whatever instead.  Kennady was working on a donkey, following a picture in the Geography Through Art book, and it was pretty cute (although it looked just as much like a hyena or an anteater as it did a donkey - clearly it was a four-legged mammal, but beyond that...  LOL) but unfortunately its head fell off during the baking process.  Ooooops.  We will try and repair him tonight.

In Science we continued learning about atoms and the different ways that elements bond together.  As a visual, we made atom models out of marshmallows and toothpicks.  I'll save you the trouble of referring to your handy pocket Periodic Table by telling you that THIS ...

 is a Lithium atom and THIS...

 is a fluorine atom.  With a handy exchange of that extra atom, the two elements form the ionic compound lithium fluoride, seen in all its marshmallow-y glory here:

Obvious conclusion: science is always more fun when edible.

Everyone is staying the course in Language Arts/English, Math and Bible.  Kennady is anxious to bake cornbread, her next project in HomeEc, but we haven't managed to find a day when it suits the meal plan and the day's schedule.  I think we'll just bake it tomorrow morning no matter what.

In Other News: Last weekend we went to the exhibition game between the Hershey Bears and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.  Finally, hockey season is back!  It was a pretty good game to get the season started too - at least four fights and there was one hit that was absolutely outstanding... I was kind of hoping there would be video of that on the Bears website so I could share it, but didn't find it.  Also, since it was a pre-season game the attendance was small, so we thought our odds of winning in the raffles were better than usual.
And we were right! So I'm now the proud owner of aWashington Capitals puck autographed by Alexander Semin!

There's nothing like the imminent arrival of houseguests to spur me to a little additional housecleaning, so I made some definite progress this week.  My parents will be arriving tomorrow, so a few of the things that have been in need of tidying or decluttering for quite some time finally got attention this week.  I still have a few plenty of things on the to-do list though!  We are also planning to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend which means I will be shopping for a good-sized turkey tomorrow (hopefully I can clear enough space in the fridge for it!).  We will be deep-frying the turkey, which is, in my opinion, the best way to cook it for several reasons.  1) It tastes incredible.  2) It leaves the oven available for all the other things that need cooking/baking for a truly complete Thanksgiving dinner. 3) Deep frying makes everything better, as every Southerner knows.  And possibly the most compelling argument for deep-frying is 4) the Hubby is responsible for cooking it instead of me.  8-)

Speaking of the Hubster, he signed himself and Kennady up for a beginners archery class that started this week.  Spencer and Landon opted to stay home and (ostensibly) work on homework and other useful pursuits that night each week.  It's the same night as my choir practice, so we'll see how long they maintain this appearance of "industriousness".  Perhaps Kennady and her dad will take up bow-hunting at some point.

Also in keeping with the "appearances" theme - I colored my hair this week.  LOL

On the Bookshelf:

  • The Skin Map by Stephen R Lawhead

  • The Prince by Francine Rivers (almost finished this one - it is great!)

  • The Matters at Mansfield by Carrie Bebris (finished a couple days ago - reviewed at Kym's Bookcase)

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Giggly Girls said...

I never get tired of Kennady and her bow. Yummy atoms!

Ellen said...

Love the marshmallow atomic models! And thanks for identifying the photos; my handy pocket periodic table of the elements got ruined in my last load of laundry. HA!

Looks like a great week!

Jessy said...

Cool atoms! (I'll have to remember this for when we do some Chem at home as the kids would love it!)

Canadagirl said...

I loved your edible atom science experiments ! What kid wouldn't love that. *grin* Ohhh I now see a answer to my question I asked on your last post, lol. Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving this week end. Have a piece of pumpkin pie and remember me. Are you celebrating it on Sunday or Monday ? We are having our dinner on Monday. [0=

Blessings and ((HUGS))
In Him<

Canadagirl said...

Ohhh I wanted to let you know I linked you. ((HUGS))

Annie Kate said...

Deep frying the turkey!!! That must be an enormous deep-fryer! Or do you cut it up first?

Ours is going in the oven, all day at 200F (after 1/2 an hour at 400). That's easiest for me.

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow-Canadian. :)

My friend Kristen tagged me, and I thought you'd enjoy being tagged, too. If not, no worries. :)

Annie Kate

Atha School For Boys said...

Love the marshmellow atoms! We can't buy marshmellows where we live in Brazil, but some friends from the States just brought us two bags of the kind you used! Woo Hoo! Think I'll try this activity!


kympossible said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! We celebrated on Sunday, along with our pastor and his family. (Pastor's wife is Canadian)

Mary, thanks for linking me!

Annie Kate, we have a turkey fryer, it is big enough to do a whole turkey. I have pictures from a few years ago, maybe I will post one this week. Gonna check out the tag now...

Shani said...

Hiya Kym~

Oh archery - I love it! My boys want lessons...

Looks like you had a good and productive week. :) And you're right, nothing like impending houseguests says CLEAN, rofl. I hope you're enjoying their visit.

This sentence made me lol: Obvious conclusion: science is always more fun when edible. In this house, nothing makes science fun...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
p.s. Good to see you again!!! xxx

kympossible said...

LOL at nothing making science fun - try eating it! The glaciers and volcanoes we made out of ice cream ramped up geology quite a bit, the kids still talk about it. ;-)

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