Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blast from the Past - Baby Picture

I have very little time today but wanted to post something. So - just one picture. Prepare to be

This is a portrait of me as a toddler, maybe about a year old.

That may have been the last time I wore pink.

Also, for those who wonder, this picture was taken before I started colouring my hair so that
iswas my natural colour.

This suprisingly adorable post  is linked to Debbie's Digest where you can see other Blasts from the Past, and join us!


Debbie said...

Adorable!!! Such a cutie! I love pink... it is one of my favorite colors to wear... purple is my very favorite though.

Thanks for linking up even though you did not have much time. I was rushed yesterday also and since I did not prep ahead of time I posted it late yesterday and in a hurry. Thanks again for joining my meme this week.

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