Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blast from the Past - A Pirate's Life for Me!

Because Monday was Talk Like a Pirate Day, I was thinking pirate-y thoughts and decided that would be my theme for Blast from the Past for this week.  I am a fan of pirates.  I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the Pirates ride at Disney that inspired the movies, and lighthearted pirate-themed fiction.

This is Harrison at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World - sitting at the officer's desk in the line to get on the ride.  He doesn't look very imposing.

If I could find the picture of Kennady and Landon getting autographs from Captain Hook and Mr Smee, I'd post it.  Kennady was quite frightened of Hook!  But here they are with Peter Pan and Wendy, who are not exactly pirates, but have enough connection to be included here.

And once again, a picture of me.  And a rare gem it is, too.

We had a dress-festive Christmas party at youth group a few years ago, and I dressed in character.  LOL

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Abby said...

This is really random but is Peter Pan a girl?

kympossible said...

seriously! I wondered that too, when I looked at the picture again. If so, a really flat-chested girl, because the lace-up is actually pretty low and there's no sign of anything there. ;-) So I concluded that it's just a very young-looking teen boy.

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