Monday, October 17, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal: In Which Time Flies

In our homeschool this week... it was really a week of plugging away and getting stuff done. We studied a bit about ancient Rome, and watched a couple episodes of "Cities of the Underworld" that featured Rome and Naples. We wrapped up a unit of science by studying the tropical rainforests, and completed the quiz. We studied the composer Handel and listened to his music.

In other news... since Monday (last Monday!) was Thanksgiving (on the Canadian calendar), that weekend included a Thanksgiving celebration. We had friends join us on Saturday for a deep-fried turkey dinner. On Tuesday we celebrated Harrison's birthday, and on Friday we celebrated Spencer's birthday.  Hard to believe they are 19 and 17 now!  Time flies...

On Friday night, DH and I went to see the movie Courageous - finally.  Very good movie - if you haven't seen it yet, please go!

Saturday afternoon, I had to be at the mall in town because my choir was performing.  We followed that by a shopping trip to get DH some upgrades for his business casual wardrobe.  He has a business trip coming up and we realized just how long it had been since he'd been clothes shopping! Time flies...

My favorite thing this week was... hmmmm.... lots of things to choose from...  Thanksgiving dinner with friends.

What's working/not working for us... once again, we are having an issue with alarm clocks. Not one day last week where all kids were up on time. And it appears that DH will be going to work an hour later for the rest of the fall/winter season, so that means I have to adjust my morning routine too.  As if that wasn't bad enough, my watch kept running slow this week, and as a result I was later than I wanted to be for a couple of things.  And since I was busy all weekend, I'm really late getting my HMJ posted! Time flies...

Questions/thoughts I have... should I buy another Language Arts 7 teacher's edition? I'm sure I have one, but I can't find it. Murphy's Law of Homeschool Economics state that as soon as I buy something, I will find that I already own it, so.... what to do....

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...
Couple of Kennady quotes this week:

"we use a question mark to let people know it's a question, we should have a sarcastic mark so people know we're being sarcastic!"  ~Kennady

"what a JERK!" ~Kennady, on Emperor Nero

On the Bookshelf...

  • Already Compromised by Ken Ham and Greg Hall with Britt Beemer

  • City of the Dead by TL Higley

  • In the Shadow of the Sun King by Golden Keyes Parsons

Finished and reviewed The Seven Wonders of the World by Ron Tagliapietra, and The Devil's Queen by Jeanne Kalogridis.

A Parting Shot...

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Yeah, I bought a new watch. 8-)"][/caption]

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Kennady is right on about Nero. I heart her. lol

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