Monday, February 13, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - February 13, 2012

Only crashed and burned completely on one of my goals for the week, so I guess that's not too bad. 
  1. Keep up with grading and co-op lessons.  Progress!  Most of the grading got done - I've got a couple assignments I should have graded already and haven't, so I can still do better.
  2. Get the rest of the mid-year calls made, and turn in the paperwork. Done!
  3. Work on taxes. Not done.  Just didn't get to it.
  4. Repairs and household projects for this week. a) Closet is in better shape, but still in need of a major declutter now that it's tidied up!  b) Vehicles in working condition and inspected etc.  c) Some decluttering done in our basement.  There's always more to be done.
  5. Reading... Done!  I *think* I missed reading from A House For My Name one day, but other than that, I've met my reading goals this week.
  6. Blog Goals... Done! 
  7. Meal planning... Not really. I planned a little bit, but still wound up scrambling for an idea on a couple of nights.  DH and I thought maybe we could plan for the week ahead over Sunday lunch, but of course didn't do it yesterday, which means I will try and do it by myself today.  I did get to eat my homemade cracked wheat cereal one day last week too. 
Some goals for the week ahead:

  1. Get the grading caught up.  Build the catapult and trebuchet in preparation for co-op classes.  Over the next several weeks at co-op, my class will be building and playing with catapults and trebuchets.  I *think* we will do the catapult first, but I need to build both models at home and decide if that's the way I want to go in the class, and see how much of the construction I might want to do in advance to save time in class.
  2. Taxes.  I really need to do those this week.
  3. Clean my fridge.  It really needs it. 
  4. Reading... Continue A House For My Name and Bible readings.  Finish The Skin Map this week.
  5. Blog Goals... a review, lesson plans, two memes, reading and commenting.  And I want to make myself a blog button.  I think I will allow myself to do that as a treat after I do the taxes!
  6. Meal planning... Even if I have to do it mostly on my own, I am going to try to get a plan in place for the week before I have to go to the grocery store the next time.
  7. Decluttering... a huge ongoing project that I need to keep working on.
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