Monday, February 6, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - February 6th, 2012

I don't think I did nearly as well this week as I could have.  What I wanted to work on last week:
  1. Stay on top of the schoolwork and co-op lessons.  Sort of.  I've been getting lessons prepared and completed, but didn't get all of Spencer's schoolwork graded last week, so I will fall behind again if I don't do better.
  2. Finish all my mid-year phone calls. Not so good.  Guess I'll have to try and finish today.
  3. Get taxes looked after. Sort of.  I had to buy the software, which I did, but haven't installed it yet.  So this gets carried over to this week as well.
  4. Repairs and household projects for this week Some progress. a) Got the parts needed for the plumbing repair, so DH can do that now, and I'll help if he needs me to. And do some more work on cleaning out that closet.  b)  Truck is repaired, but we found out it should go to TireMan this week to get checked out. c)  Got a few decluttering jobs done, but not as much as I wanted.
  5. Reading...Done! I have been reading from A House For My Name each day, and loving it.  I finished one novel last week (And Only To Deceive) and am about halfway through the other one I was working on (The Begotten), and have been reading The Skin Map.
  6. Blog Goals...Progress! I didn't finish migrating old posts like I wanted, but I did get my TOS Review posted, have another ready to go live today or tomorrow, and did a couple other entries.
I was asked if I am doing the plumbing and vehicle repairs myself - nope! I'm responsible for getting parts and such, but I play only a supporting role in getting the actual work done.  There's a lot of things I can do myself, but plumbing repairs isn't one of them.  ;-) 

Some of my goals for this week will have to be a repeat of last week's, since I didn't finish!

  1. Keep up with grading and co-op lessons.  Same as last week, getting the grades into the Tracker in a timely manner, and planning ahead for co-op lessons. 
  2. Get the rest of the mid-year calls made, and turn in the paperwork.
  3. Work on taxes.  I bet I could finish them in one sitting too.
  4. Repairs and household projects for this week.  a) Get that closet in workable condition, since we should be able to finish the repairs and get the dehumidifier out of the way.  b) Look after the latest issues with the vehicles. (Why is there something new every week? *sigh*)  c)Get some decluttering done, every little bit helps.
  5. Reading... Continue to read every day from A House For My Name and Old Testament. Remember to read along with the suggested Scripture for the youth.
  6. Blog Goals...  I am putting the migrate project on the bottom of the blog priority list for now, because I think I have plenty of other material this week! A Blog Cruise, at least one review, co-op lesson plans, and my two weekly memes.  Plus reading and leaving a few comments.
  7. Meal planning... I need to get back in the habit of planning meals ahead, so that we don't wind up having last-minute meals, the same thing over and over again, or picking up dinner on the way home from wherever (which usually means spending more than necessary).  I also think it would be nice to have home-made oatmeal for breakfast - for me, anyway - so I intend to cook it for myself at least a couple times this week.  And if the kids want some, I'll gladly make enough to share.  I don't know if that will be enough incentive to help them get up on time... probably not.  LOL
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