Friday, March 9, 2012

Composer Study: Gabriel Faure

This week we learned about French composer Gabriel Faure.  As a child, Faure exhibited great talent on the organ and piano, and later on worked diligently as a church organist, professor of composition, and director of the Conservatoire de Paris, all while composing his own music.  He is considered the master of the French art song.  One of his best known works is the Requiem in D Minor, op. 48, and he composed many works for the piano, his favorite instrument.

This is, apparently, M. Faure playing his own composition, Pavane.  Beautiful...

I remember playing some Faure when I was a piano student, and singing some Faure choral works too.  This week's study brought back some of those memories, and I plan to look through my piano music and see what I still have.  And if by some chance, I could still play any of it...

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April said...

We just started our study of composers today. Is this a regular posting you're doing?

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