Monday, April 9, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: April 9, 2012

  1. Keep grading updated, prep for last co-op class.  Progress, and Done.  I didn't finish all the grading, but did most of it.  The end of the week was very busy with some unexpected things (like spending all day Friday getting Kennady's hand X-rayed in a dozen different poses only to find out that it was not broken! Which we're thankful for - don't get me wrong - but a whole day gone! LOL)  I did the prep for co-op class, but that didn't go as well as I hoped.  But it's done.  
  2. Financial records organizing. Progress.  Purged files and updated - still have some things to go through and continue cleaning up my desk.
  3. Curriculum plans. Tiny bit of progress.  I jotted down a few ideas and things to check into.
  4. Reading... Done! Finished A House for My Name, and another novel.  I only have two books I'm working on right now - a record low.  LOL  It will change soon, as I've got at least two that I aim to start on this week.
  5. Blog Goals... Progress.  Squeezed in the entries I wanted to do last week, but left the review to do this week.  Not doing that well with updating the book blog though, and it is really frustrating me. 
  6. Meal planning and grocery budget project. Done (sort of)!  I have tentative meal plans, and I decided to go back to the time-honored envelope system for groceries.  Week One of this month and I have stayed well within my budget, and in my opinion we ate well.  I still need to improve my menu-planning, and find a decent system of keeping a grocery list and sorting coupons that we might actually use.
  7. Decluttering... Progress. 'Nuff said.
  8. This week's errands and to-do list: Complete.  
Planning ahead for another week:
  1. Keep grading updated, plan for next year.
  2. Clean up my desk.  This will be the continuation of organizing the financial records. It seems reasonable to believe that keeping things up to date (not just tax records and finances, but school-related things too) will be easier and more pleasant with a desk that has been decluttered and organized.  This will definitely be a project that takes up more than one week though!
  3. Reading... Starting a couple new books this week, I think, and I am planning to read through some of Shakespeare's works over the next several weeks/months.  I ordered the first one I want to work on from the library, but it's slow in coming, so I will have to check some online sources.  
  4. Blog Goals... the usual, at least one review this week, and work on the book blog.
  5. Menu planning and grocery budget project.  Work on planning ahead for our meals and grocery shopping.
  6. Decluttering... As always.
  7. Prepare for company - Friday evening.  Not quite sure how many people we'll have yet, but it should be fun!
  8. This week's errands and to-do list includes:  more cans to the recycling depot, shopping, and all the usual.
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