Monday, April 2, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal: In Which I Am Late

The weekend was just a bit too hectic for me to get this done, and it feels odd to be finishing it up on a Monday morning.  I keep thinking I should do the HMJ on Friday afternoon, but haven't managed to make it a habit at all.  I'm also running late in getting a blog cruise post finished, and I will be late with my weekly goal planning post.  Not the greatest way to start a new week, is it?

In our homeschool...  It wasn't a bad week, but since our schedule was a little more relaxed this week, we had some late starts and some interruptions that made us less efficient than we could have been.

We did well with our composer study, covering Richard Strauss, doing a fair amount of listening, and we also read over the introduction to the Contemporary era composers.  We continued our Social Studies focus on eastern European countries, particularly the Czech Republic.  Kennady was interested to know that the Swarovski crystals in our jewelry originated with a Czech jeweler working in Austria.

I loved that I got a break at co-op class this week. One of the dads had offered to come in and teach something about rockets and bring a model rocket as well.  That happened this week, which really helped me out, and now I only have one more class to teach!

In other news... DH was away on business for most of the week, which explains our relaxed schedule.  In other words, I slept a little later than usual almost every day.  LOL  As far as getting things done though, the only day that was rather sketchy was Tuesday evening, when I usually have choir and take Landon and his friend to Civil Air Patrol while DH takes Kennady to softball practice.  This week I had Harrison take Kennady to softball and it all worked out fine.

Oh yeah, we attempted to get a picture of Landon in his CAP uniform, but he wouldn't cooperate.  So far, we have this -


Last Sunday evening, our Sunday night youth got together to pack up "Easter baskets" to distribute to families in need in the area.  This is the second year that two young ladies in our youth group have organized the effort and they do a great job.  The youth made short work of packing the baskets and then we spent the rest of the evening planning ahead a little bit for the part they will play in the Good Friday service.  The boys played some street hockey too.

One of my favorite things... welcoming my hubby home after he'd been away all week.  Plus he brought Ghirardelli chocolate home from San Francisco.  ;-)

Questions/thoughts I have...  I hope the weather is good on Thursday for co-op, and that the tennis ball mortar works well.

A photo/video/quote or link to share...  Check out this link:  National Geographic Castles - which one is your favorite?  I'm partial to these two...

Photo: Castle on the Black Sea

Photo: Snowy mountains and a castle in Italy

On the bookshelf...

  • A House for My Name by Peter J. Leithart
  • The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens by Debra Bell
  • A Crimson Warning by Tasha Alexander
Finished The Bone House, Compulsively Mr Darcy, and The Blessed.  Working on my book blog a little this morning, because it is way behind.

A Parting shot...

Kennady took this picture of a tulip in our yard because she knew tulips are one of my favorite flowers and she wanted me to see how pretty this one was.  

This post is linked to The Homeschool Chick - see if anyone else is running late this week!
The Homeschool Mother's Journal


Stefanie said...

One day he's going to wish he'd cooperated so he had a picture to share with his children. lol

I still haven't gotten around to blogging for the week. And I probably won't. Never any time when I have school.

Lauren said...

What a great post! Thanks so much for sharing your news this week. I'm afraid I linked up even later, and yes, it felt a bit funny trying to remember all of the details of last week. And thanks for sharing the titles of your latest books! I appreciated learning of one re: homeschooling teens.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Landon! LOL Jake's in a "no photo" mood this YEAR too! Grrr! Sometimes I can sneak a snap though!

We've been pretty relaxed too. We're still getting some things accomplished, but our last 5 weeks of the year are always hard ones for focus!

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