Monday, June 11, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: June 11, 2012

I did better last week than I expected. But then again, my expectations weren't that high.  LOL

  1. Get our portfolios packed up for evaluation.  Done! Our evaluation is finished and now I can get at least some of that stuff put away for good.  
  2. Clean up my desk. Progress.  I didn't really focus much on this during the week, but did work on it a little.  
  3. Appointments for end-of-year evaluations. Almost done.  Still one family that I need to connect with to make an appointment.  I've left multiple messages and emailed, so it's not for lack of effort on my part that I can't mark this item as "Done"!  
  4. Reading... Partially done.  I did finish Henry V and did plenty of reading, but I know I can do much better with my Bible reading.   
  5. Blog goals... Done!  Finally made a blog button that I like, and posted some entries.  I even got my HMJ done on Friday again this week! I'm trying to get in the habit of doing that one on Friday, and having a somewhat predictable blog schedule. 
  6. Baking and meal planning. Progress.  I did some baking, but not much.  I did just "okay" with meal planning during the week.  It was a busy week and there were a couple of days that I was sorely tempted to just bring home pizza instead of making dinner, but I resisted.  The meals I made on those nights were not exactly what I'd planned, but at least they were put together from things in my fridge and pantry instead of fast food at a high cost. 
  7. Decluttering... Not much progress.  I didn't work on this much during the week.  Not even the need to get my old freezer out the door and clear space for my new one motivated me much this week.  Truth is, I got busy doing other things and this got shoved to the bottom of the pile. 
  8. Nag the mortgage refinance people if I have to. Done.  I didn't really have to nag either.  LOL  I've had several conversations with Bank Lady (I tend to give people these kind of honorary titles!) and got all the information we needed so we just need to make our final decisions now. 
  9. This week's errands and to-do list:  Complete.  
Not sure if I'll raise the bar much this week.  I try to be realistic!
  1. Pack up the school stuff we're finished with - start getting rid of what we can.  I've started collecting up some of the things that I am ready to give away or sell.  I need to keep working on that, and on culling the rest of the stack, archiving what I want to keep.
  2. Clean up my desk.  Continue this project, with the goal of having enough usable work space for two people to be at the desks.
  3. Finish evaluations and turn in my reports. I have two evaluations left to do.  One, as I mentioned above, I still need to make the appointment.  My aim is to get it done this week so I can turn in the reports to the umbrella group and be completely finished with evaluations until the new school year starts.
  4. Reading... move on to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, which should be easier to get my hands on! Continue working on the (growing) stack of novels on my bedside table, and continue improving my Bible reading habits.
  5. Blog goals... I have three posts scheduled for this week, plus a review.  I haven't decided what day to get the review done, but it will be the second half of the week.
  6. Baking and meal planning.  Trying to provide decent, home-cooked meals and keep my grocery spending down.  And hoping for my new freezer to arrive, because that would make it just a little easier to plan.
  7. Decluttering... Still working on this, especially the basement area so we can get the freezers out and in.
  8. Lesson planning. I stuck this at the bottom of the list, because I have plenty of time, and this is something that I really enjoy doing.  
  9. This week's errands and to-do list includes: a couple more evaluations, CAP, Bible study group, shopping and errands, phone calls, and probably another visit to the garage for a vehicle repair!
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Blossom Barden (NorthLaurel) said...

I love your blog button :)
You got a lot done on your goals! Good for you! I did horrible with mine...but thankfully there's next week ;)
What kind of predictable blog schedule are you striving for? Inquiring minds want to know! :) That reminds me- I have set up a schedule that I am going to put on my sidebar. Thanks for the reminder ;)
Hope you have a great week!

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