Thursday, June 14, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Outdoor Games

This week for Think Back Thursday, we were asked to share something about outdoor games.  Sure, I could have posted pictures of my kids playing softball and baseball, or our homeschool group's Field Day, or even something from a family vacation.  But instead I pulled out these pictures of two of the stranger "outdoor games" my kids have had lots of fun with.

A couple of years ago, in the fall of 2010, we spent an afternoon celebrating (Canadian) Thanksgiving with friends of ours.  Their three boys had come up with an activity they thought was great fun - rolling down the grassy hill in one of these big blue plastic barrels.  All four of my kids joined in, and we had a fun afternoon of "barrel racing".  They would take turns crawling inside the barrel, and then the others would get the barrel started rolling down the hill.  Nobody was hurt (despite the unexplained appearance of a cane in some of the pictures) and everyone had a great time!

The smaller kids could ride two at a time!

Harrison had to ride by himself.  LOL

Everyone ran down with the barrel, and usually the rider was more than a bit dizzy and disoriented when they crawled out!

Back up the hill for another run.

A few years earlier (these pictures are from the spring of 2008), my kids used to play Belly Busting, sometimes on our deck, and sometimes on the trampoline.  They would stuff pillows inside their pants and shirt and then sort of wrestle, sort of like sumo wrestling.  It was hilarious to watch.  I don't have any good action shots, but you can see their very attractive, padded good looks.

I hope you've enjoyed this very silly look back at some of my family's outdoor games.  Visit Debbie's Digest to join in with Think Back Thursday, and to see what other bloggers are sharing for this week's theme.  Upcoming themes are: Fathers and Graduation.

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Cindy @ Fenced in Family said...

The belly busting pics are too funny! What kind of little pillows did they put in their pants legs?

Kym said...

they had a couple of those small size neck pillows that are shaped like a letter C - that's what they put in their pants. Perfect fit! LOL

Debbie Phillips said...

Hilarious!!! Wonderful! I am so glad you shared this out of the ordinary photos instead of the expected baseball or field day. I have a lot of field day photos.... I thought of sharing some of them.

Thanks so much for linking up! I loved it!

Jennifer said...

Those stuffed-shirt pictures are cute. My son thoroughly enjoys barrel rolling play, but I can't help but worry about accidents every time that he does it.

Erika said...

So much fun! I wanna play! ;)

Stefanie said...


Amy B said...

This post looks like something you will pull out when your children graduate and put it in the slide show! You will all get a good laugh and share the fun memories. Awesome!

Kym said...

Amy ~ that is an excellent idea, and I probably will do that! LOL

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