Monday, July 16, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: July 16, 2012

Looks like I overestimated my ability to get things accomplished while also playing the role of taxi mom all week.
  1. Clean up my desk - and some other things. Progress.  I felt pretty good about how much I got done, until one of the boys rearranged things a bit yesterday.  LOL  Oh well.  It won't take more than a minute to put that back in order and then I can carry on with this project.
  2. Baking and meal planning. Not done.  No baking this week, I was just too busy.  I did get fairly decent meals made most nights, but they weren't exactly planned ahead.  
  3. Decluttering... very little progress.  Moved out a few more things, but I spent very little time with this during the week.
  4. Reading... Done, I guess.  I am nearing the end of my 'study' of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and I am caught up with the book I'm reading to go along with our Sunday School study.  And did some other pleasure reading as well.
  5. Blog goals... Done. Got my reviews posted, and a couple other entries.  I'm trying to get back to something of a schedule for posting.
  6. Lesson planning. Not done.  This is surprising, in a way, because this is one of the things I love to do.  There just weren't enough big blocks of time for me to spend on it though.
  7. This week's errands and to-do list: Complete. 
This week is more of the same and then some in terms of being taxi mom.  But I will try to get some work done in the following areas:
  1. Clean up my desk, and some other stuff that really needs it.  Like my dresser - it's embarrassing, really.  And just... stuff... Blah.
  2. Baking and meal planning.  I am going easy on myself for this one right now, because this week is VBS every night, so I am betting that at least a couple times I will wind up throwing hot dogs or hamburgers on the grill and hoping that will be good enough.  But I am going to try to sit down later today and sketch out a menu for the rest of the week in hopes that I won't have to panic at any point.  If I have time, I want to bake bread and/or cookies, but that will depend on how much running around I can avoid and on how hot it is.  We are also planning to make fudge this week - I'm hoping for tomorrow.
  3. Decluttering... time to tackle the closets soon, I think.
  4. Reading... I plan to finish up Julius Caesar in the next day or so, and have to check what's next in my Shakespeare reading list.  Just about finished a novel, and I have plenty on my To-Read stack!
  5. Blog goals... one review this week, and I have some things I want to work ahead on.  Plus keep up with my weekly link-ups.
  6. Lesson planning.  I neglected it last week, so it probably should be moved up the priority list this week.  We are starting some of our schoolwork already, so a plan in place would help!
  7. Vacation plans.  We have decided where we're going (pretty much, anyway) and we know when we're going.  I need to check accommodations and probably make some reservations.  I need to research some more of the things on our vacation to-do list and see what we can fit in and what we can afford.  And at least one of those things will involve me purchasing our tickets in advance.
  8. This week's errands and to-do list includes: delivering kids to Driver's Ed, VBS, and CAP during the week; a meeting today; some shopping and other errands; and helping Harrison get his vaccinations for an upcoming missions trip.
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Debbie said...

I totally understand overestimating your time and ability to get you to-do list completed! I do that all the time. North Laurel suggested that we have an add-in section so if we accomplish something during the week which we did not put on our goal list we could add it after the week is done... just so we can check it off. I like that!! I am always doing stuff that I didn't plan on doing and adding it to my goal list at the end of the week would make me feel so much better!!

You had an ambitious list for this week as well, especially with VBS every night as well. Planning for school has been my focus for a few weeks and because of that I have not put to many goals on my list. We start school Monday and I still have stuff to get done. I am hoping to be all ready by the end of today so I can take tomorrow off and just relax.

I hope you have had a good week so far, got a lot done, had a great time at VBS and I pray you have a great weekend. God Bless.

Kym Thorpe said...

I love the idea of adding the things we accomplished that weren't on our original list! I may go ahead and do that this week. LOL

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