Monday, August 13, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: August 13, 2012

I got some of my to-do list accomplished last week, but not nearly everything I'd wanted to do.  Lots of good intentions, but not always a lot of follow-through.  I guess there was only one thing on the list that I completely neglected, so at least I made a token effort on everything else!
  1. Clean up my desk, etc.  Not done.  Honestly, I barely kept it maintained! LOL
  2. Baking and meal planning.  Done.  Baked zucchini cake a couple times (and I still have more zucchini to process) and stuck to a simple plan for the week. 
  3. Schedule repair work for the van. I tried. That's a new category to add to "done, not done, and progress." I made calls and even took the van over to a body man so he could give me an estimate, but didn't get any of the work done. I am going to try again this week, see if there's any way to get the body work done before our vacation. 
  4. Reading... Progress. I finally got Hamlet around the middle of the week, but I haven't actually started reading yet!  I did get plenty of other reading done though. 
  5. Blog goals... Done.  Although I am still working on one of the reviews that's due this week, but I had hoped to post it already.  I am still behind on reading and commenting, but I think I did better this past week.  
  6. School... Done.  We started Science last week and it didn't take very much time since it was just the introduction that we tackled.  I tried to get Switched-On Schoolhouse set up again, but couldn't remember how to do it, so I suppose when all else fails you read the instructions.  At this point I haven't been able to install it on either of the other computers either. 
  7. Clean up the family room. Progress, but not much. We tidied up a bit, but I don't know if there's an obvious visual improvement.
  8. This week's errands and to-do list:  Complete, except for the eye doc appointments, which were rescheduled by their office.  
We'll be up against the vacation countdown clock this week, and some things will be more urgent or important because of that.  Oh, and Harrison is safely home from his missions trip to Haiti.  Of course we're delighted to have him back home and hear all about his adventures, but he will also be going back to work this week which means he will need a vehicle or at least a ride, and that presents some challenges if we need to get work done on the vehicles.
  1. Get repairs done on vehicles, if at all possible.  The oil change and front-end alignment (not on the same vehicle) shouldn't be a problem, because they can be done while I wait, and when it's convenient for me.  We really want to get the body work looked after, but that will depend on the body man's schedule more than on mine, and may not be possible depending on how soon he can schedule it and how many days he'll need.
  2. Sewing. Kennady has a couple projects for school she is working on and we want to get those finished up this week.  And I have a couple of old projects that I should have finished long ago that I've decided I will look after this week.  I hope.  
  3. Baking and meal planning.  The usual goals.
  4. Clean up my desk, etc.  I need to make better progress before we leave, so I don't have to come home to chaos.
  5. School... I am planning to be more strict about keeping regular school hours this week, and I'll want to get a few things wrapped up before vacation.  When we need to take a break, it's better if we're at the end of a unit or section rather than right in the middle of something, y'know?
  6. Blog goals... there are two reviews I need to post this week, and one review to schedule for while I'm away.  Also some other posts I have planned, including the link-ups I try to do regularly.  I will spend some time reading and commenting this week too, and hopefully get "caught up" in that!
  7. Reading... I will get working on Hamlet this week, and I just received King Alfred's English in the mail so I will be diving into that as well.  I'll have to start thinking about how many books I should take along to read on vacation.  Kinda wishing I had a Kindle already...  I've decided to get one, but not for a couple more months.
  8. General clean up in the house. Put the kids to work getting the family room in some better order, organize some things better, and get my stuff ready for Purple Heart pick-up.  That alone will help, even though they are not coming until next week!
  9. This week's errands and to-do list includes: shopping, CAP, vehicle work, a meeting, and the eye doc appointments which keep getting rescheduled.  There will be Bible study this week, but I'm not sure we'll make it.  There are a bunch of phone calls to be made, and we are having company one evening. 
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Debbie Phillips said...

Hey! Done, progress or I tried on all but one; I consider that a good week. I totally understand however. You had expectations of getting more done. Been there, do that most weeks.

I hope you get ALL the work done on your vehicles before your vacation. With all your goals it sounds like it will be a busy week.

Reading Shakespeare... for fun??? That is brave of you. We studied Shakespeare in our homeschool and we read a few of the plays with a group of homeschool friends (mom's and children) and that was fun. We read the play aloud in one day, each person taking a part or 2 or 3 depending on how many parts were in the play and how many participants we have had.

Good luck on your sewing, baking, and cleaning. God bless and have a great week.

Kym said...

"reading Shakespeare... for fun???" <--- That's exactly what my DH and boys say! LOL I really enjoy it though.

Got some of my cleaning out of the way today, and did some sewing with my daughter, so the week is off to a decent start.

North Laurel said...

Yay! Doing good! Hey, I think Shakespeare is ;) Have a great week!

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