Monday, August 20, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: August 20, 2012

The week went fairly well, although Spencer was sick towards the end of the week, which changed our plans a little.  Still, most of the items that were most important because of vacation did get looked after.
  1. Get repairs done on vehicles, if at all possible. Mostly done.  Oil change was done, the front-end alignment will be done this morning, but there wasn't a way to get the body work done during the week. Something to look after when we get back.
  2. Sewing. Progress. Kennady's project is done, but I didn't work on mine.  We'll see how things go today and I might do part of it. 
  3. Baking and meal planning. Done. 
  4. Clean up my desk, etc. Not done.  Didn't worry about this much this week, but I think a few minutes today or tomorrow will accomplish what's needed to have it in a bit of order.
  5. School...Mostly done. We didn't quite finish what I'd had planned for the week.  The science project didn't get finished because Spencer was sick, and we postponed the last History lesson to (hopefully) do today.
  6. Blog goals... Mostly done. Reviews posted, a couple other things posted, and I've got the other review (for while I'm away) just about finished.  
  7. Reading... Not done. Believe it or not.  I didn't start on Hamlet at all, and I decided to leave King Alfred's English to take along on vacation. I did some other reading instead.  
  8. General clean up in the house. Done.  Or at least mostly done.  We still have to pack up the stuff for Purple Heart, but for the most part the house is in decent shape.
  9. This week's errands and to-do list: complete. 
This week's list really covers just a couple days of things that we need to DO.  If I do a good job of getting those things done, I should be able to relax and enjoy our vacation time!
  1. General clean up in the house.  Make sure the kitchen and dining room are tidy and organized, and have the kids tidy their rooms as well.
  2. Schedule payments and blog posts etc.  The things that need to happen while we're away.  Harrison will be able to look after some of these things for me, if I have it set up with clear instructions of what to do/send and when.
  3. School...  We just have a couple of things that should have been completed last week that I will push to get done before we leave.
  4. Sewing.  If I have the time, I really do want to get one or two of my projects done.  Neither one should take much time - I just need to sit down and do it!
  5. Final preparations for the trip.  A couple reservations to make, a bit of route planning still to do, and of course we need to pack!
  6. This week's errands and to-do list includes: alignment for the truck, shopping (Kennady needs shoes, and we'll stock a few groceries for Harrison), Civil Air Patrol, and ideally I'd get my hair cut, but I don't think there will be time.
See you in September!

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Katrina said...

I hope you have a good vacation. We'll see you when you get back!

Cristi said...

Enjoy your vacation!

Debbie Phillips said...

Looks like you had a good week last week. You got a lot done or mostly done. I hope you get everything done that you want to have done before vacation and whether you do or not relax and enjoy your vacation with the family. The work at home, unfortunately, will all still be there when you get back, along with the fun of unpacking. Have a great time. "See you" in September.

Jenn said...

That's a pretty impressive list:) Hope you enjoy your vacation!

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