Monday, August 6, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: August 6, 2012

Last week was even crazier than I anticipated!  Especially Friday. I was called upon at the last minute to drive Harrison and the pastor to the airport when their original flight was cancelled and the they had to find an alternate way to make their connection.  (They are on a missions trip in Haiti this week.)  I was much too tired on Friday to get anything done!
  1. Clean up my desk, etc. Progress!  I did completely redo the top shelf on my computer desk, which is where I keep the teacher's editions of textbooks and plenty of other school resources.  It looks really good! Now to keep it that way...  The downside to this accomplishment is that I didn't get much further with the work area, but I think I feel more motivated seeing the progress.
  2. Baking and meal planning. Progress.  I can't say it's "complete" because I didn't do any baking at all.  And I've got zucchini waiting for me to bake zucchini bread and cake too.  I dropped the ball for meals on Friday and weekend to a certain extent.  
  3. Paint the stairwell. Done!  I didn't have a whole lot to do with it, because the kids wanted to help and there's only so much room in the stairwell!  I cleaned and taped and helped with the prep work and DH and the kids did the painting.  We still have to put the handrail back on, but it looks good.  The deal was that if we liked the color once it was on the wall, we would probably use the same color for the hallways.  So we are going to live with it for awhile to make sure we do like it.
  4. Finish reorganizing the school shelf.  Done, mostly!  I cleared out the bookshelf, put a bunch of things away for future use, and actually moved that bookshelf upstairs for the kids to use.  I found a way to keep all the books that are my responsibility (teacher's editions and shared resources) neatly at my desk and gave the kids the responsibility of keeping their own books neatly in their rooms.  There are still some things to find homes for (like all the 3-ring notebooks and folders that are currently empty) or get rid of, and the 'archives' that are downstairs still need to be purged and put away.  But I'm claiming a temporary victory in this category!
  5. Reading... Progress.  It's pretty strange to not meet my reading goals.  LOL  I ordered Hamlet from the library but I'm still waiting on it, so I didn't get to that as I'd planned. I finished one of my novels, but didn't get a lot of reading done this week.  There were plenty of things keeping me too busy, and we were watching the Olympics.
  6. Blog goals... Done, mostly!  I got all my Blog Hop posts done and on time.  The hardest was Friday's, because that was the one I hadn't written ahead of time, and I was working on very little sleep that morning.  I am still feeling guilty about how rarely I comment on the blogs I read, and I had a hard time keeping up too, considering all the Blog Hop entries I wanted to read but just didn't have time!
  7. School... Progress. Monday through Wednesday went great, Thursday went about like I suspected it would (which wasn't necessarily good) and Friday was a wash.  No school at all, so we will do a bit of catch-up this week. 
  8. Getting Harrison ready for his missions trip.  Done! Not that we had much choice!  I had to pick up some items for him at the store, and I helped a little with his packing, but of course it was much more his job than mine.  But this is where I can add something to my to-do list that wasn't there initially but I accomplished anyway: Drive Harrison and the pastor to the airport in the dead of night on approximately two hours of sleep, without mishap, and without running out of gas on the Beltway.  Done.
  9. This week's errands and to-do list:  Complete. Except for the eye doctor appointments, but those were rescheduled at the doctor's request. 
There's more school planned for this week, as we are adding one subject for sure.  With Harrison away, I have more flexibility with the vehicles, so I'm hoping to get some repair work done.

  1. Clean up my desk, etc.  I really want to finish - or at least make big progress - on cleaning and reorganizing the work surfaces around here.  
  2. Baking and meal planning.  Got to use that zucchini, and make a menu plan for this week.
  3. Schedule repair work for the van. Depending on the schedules of the body man and the mechanic, I might not be able to get this stuff completed this week, but I will do my best.
  4. Reading... I hope Hamlet comes in this week sometime, so I can get started on that.  I have several other books on my bedside table, but reading has taken a backseat to watching Olympics, and that's okay!
  5. Blog goals... I have one review due this week and a couple to work on for upcoming weeks.  I need to set aside some time for reading and commenting too.
  6. School... adding Science to our schedule this week, and it's a new course for us, so we are feeling our way as far as how much to do each day and how to plan our time with it.  I have to get Switched-On Schoolhouse set up for Spencer's math and I'd prefer to get it on one of the upstairs computers, but I don't know if it will work.  
  7. Clean up the family room.  I will need to work with the kids to get this area tidied up.  We've allowed it to become a 'staging area' for everything that we don't quite know what to do with!  (Anyone else have areas like this at their house?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!) The piano is down there and I want it to look decent by the time the tuners come.  And my sewing area is in that room too, and it just isn't much fun to consider sewing (and I have some I MUST do) there when it's chaotic.
  8. This week's errands and to-do list includes:  shopping, CAP, Bible study, eye doc appointments, phone calls and a dinner out.  At some point I will have worship team practice, and I'm hoping to get work done on the van, or at least get the estimates done.
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Debbie Phillips said...

Despite your crazy Friday and not getting school done that day I think you had a great week. Lots of progress and things completed. I joined a blog hop but it is only one post each Monday. I need to work on next week's post and I still haven't had time to check out the posts from last week's curriculum share. I did some baking this week. Unfortunately I did something wrong and the cake is really dry. Hope you had a great week this week and have a great weekend ahead. Hope you had a great week of school too. I only have one student now and he is in 10th grade. He did a bunch of school on his own this week because I felt bad one day, had to be out one day, and was watching the Olympics. Next week things will be back to "normal", whatever that is.

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