Monday, September 24, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: September 24, 2012

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~Psalm 90:12~

Here's how I did last week:
  1. Clean up my desk and start my own studies. Progress. The desk isn't that much cleaner, but I did get started on the study.
  2. Keep grading and lesson plans up to date all week. Progress.  Most of the grading is getting done daily.  I guess I need to get Spencer in a habit of giving me his stuff to grade on a regular schedule, because I don't like having to go hunt it down.  He needs to be more accountable for the work too.
  3. Baking and meal planning.  Done.  Meal planning was a little easier this week because we had take-out one night when DH wasn't going to be home for the meal, and DH and I went out for dinner with friends another night.  I also baked bread twice this week, and have bread dough ready in the fridge for this week.  
  4. Vehicle repairs and appointments.  Progress.  I got one repair done on the van that wasn't even planned! The brakes started acting up on Tuesday so I had them repaired on Wednesday.  Booked in the body work for this week.  Still need to make plans for a couple of the other things.    We have to spread things out a bit because we have two vehicles and three drivers plus one in training, and two of those drivers need to be at work every day.  It takes a little bit of advance planning to pull all of that off!
  5. Reading... Done. Worked on Hamlet, finished another book, and got started on a couple more.
  6. Blog goals... Progress.  I got the review done, but not on Wednesday like I wanted to.  I got a few other things done, but progress on vacation pictures is slower than I'd hoped.
  7. Plan a field trip. Not done.  I'd wanted to get the Philadelphia trip on the calendar and the Franklin Institute tickets purchased, but we only got so far as to decide (tentatively!) on a day.  The hard part is deciding on a day, I think, so maybe I can buy tickets today!
  8. Sewing and mending. Not done.  I got a very little bit of the sewing area cleaned up a bit though.
  9. This week's errands and to-do list: complete. 
New week, new to-do list! Although a lot of the things stay the same from week to week...
  1. Clean up the desk (and the dresser, and the closet...)  Basically, there's a lot of cleaning up or organizing that needs done in this house.  I have family coming for a visit in a few weeks, so I've made a list of the things that I want to do before then and can work on it over time rather than scramble around the last few days before their arrival.  The desk is one of the priorities on the list.
  2. Grading and lesson planning.  Keep up the grading and agree with Spencer on a schedule for him to bring me his work for grading.  Gather resources for an economics class for spring co-op.
  3. Baking and meal planning.  The baking part should be pretty easy, because I've got bread dough ready in the fridge to use this week!  I'm going to try my idea of having a regular crockpot or soup night and a regular Rerun Buffet night each week.  If there's enough leftovers to make the Rerun Buffet work! We've been clearing the leftovers pretty quickly the last little while, as they are being eaten for lunches.
  4. Inventory the freezer and pantry.  We'll be getting pork and beef from friends soon, so I'll need to make sure there's room in the freezer for it, and at the same time I need to update my list of what I have stocked in the pantry so I can be more organized with grocery shopping.
  5. Appointments...  book in the truck for repair work, make an appointment with the driving instructor, get things on the calendar so we can plan ahead!
  6. Reading... Keep on with Hamlet and my other reading, and work on my tax prep study.
  7. Blog goals... One review this week, some others to be working ahead on, and work on finishing vacation pictures.
  8. Sewing and mending.  Yeah.  Need to prioritize this a bit.
  9. This week's errands and to-do list includes: homeschool group meeting, gym class, CAP and choir, church activities, van repair, the usual shopping and library runs, and hopefully a trip to Philadelphia!
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Debbie Phillips said...

Sounds like a busy week and it sounds like you got a lot done last week. I hope you made it, or make it to Philadelphia this week, though the weather has not been very good around here this week. Lots of clouds and rain. (We live in northern Delaware only about 45 min. from Philadelphia).

I had a problem with my son and his work until I took his computer from him. Each day he must bring me his work before he gets his computer back. That makes things much more manageable, except for the work he does on his computer. It is hard to get him to bring me his math, which he needs his computer for, and tell me what he did for his computer class. I think I have a way to solve this for us. I hope you find a way to solve this for your children.

God Bless, have a great week.

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