Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goal Planning Monday (a day late): November 27, 2012

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~Psalm 90:12~

I'm glad I didn't have super-high expectations for last week, because I couldn't have met those.  I made progress on most of the things on my list.
  1. Clean up and organize. Progress! 
  2. Decorate for Christmas! Progress!  I didn't do all the decorating, but at least the tree is up and decorated.  We wound up sticking with the tree we already have and buying new lights to put on it.  It's silly to have to put lights on a pre-lit tree, but hey.  Whatever works.
  3. Schoolwork and grading. Partially done. We got the schoolwork done that I'd planned, but I never got as far as printing out new assignment lists for the month of December.
  4. Sewing projects. Not done.
  5. Baking and meal planning. Done! But it was a very easy week!  I really only had to do meals three nights.  I did some baking too.
  6. Blog goals... Done, but late. I got at least one of my drafts published, I can't remember.  But I didn't get on the computer on the weekend so my HMJ and this post are later than usual.
  7. Personal study... Not done.
  8. This week's errands and to-do list: complete. 
For this week...

  1. Clean up and rearrange.  Continue the cleaning and reorganizing, but now with a new motivation - we need to move some furniture around, and get rid of some stuff.  I think if we could get the things that are leaving our house together - maybe in the garage - then we could worry about actually giving them away or selling them in January.
  2. Finish decorating.  I started ruthlessly purging the Christmas decorations too.  Honestly, if we haven't used it in a couple years, we don't need to keep storing it either.
  3. Schoolwork and grading. If I want us to stay on track for at least a couple more weeks, I need to get assignment lists printed so everyone can refer to those and work more independently.
  4. Sewing projects. 
  5. Baking and meal planning. I'll be baking a chocolate cheesecake for hubby's birthday this week! 
  6. Blog goals... keep up with my regular link-ups, and get a couple other things posted as well.
  7. Personal study... Goal for this week is to review what I've done so far.  If I can get that done early in the week, I will keep going.  I would like to get at least three units done during December.
  8. Christmas cards and newsletter! I've got cards that are ready to go, but I've got to come up with the family newsletter.  I've done some creative ones in the past, and I feel my own pressure to do something creative again, but I'm having a hard time with ideas.  I will have to be satisfied with something simple unless I have a flash of inspiration soon.  LOL
  9. This week's errands and to-do list includes: Christmas choral concerts (did one last night), gym class, CAP, church activities, making appointments, shopping, and Christmas craft breakfast on Friday!

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Debbie said...

I pray you are having a more successful week... we all have those weeks when not much gets done... this may be one of those weeks for me as I have already had 2 days of sadness... so many emotions... so much stress... when not much has gotten done.

I don't know what day you were doing the cheesecake and celebrating your husband's birthday but I hope you have/had a great time. I also hope you had a good time this morning at your Christmas craft breakfast. Sounds like fun. Post a picture on Monday of the craft you made... we would love to see it. I love crafts... and Christmas. I also know what you mean about staying on track with school. It can be hard this time of year. We will have almost 100 days of school done before we take our Christmas break. This year is going well. My son is working totally independently, 10th grade, my only student. My challenge is to keep ahead of him and order stuff from the library soon enough... but not to soon!

God Bless and have a great weekend.

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