Friday, November 2, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Baby

I'm late getting to this week's Think Back Thursday, so I am going to keep it simple.  Our theme is Baby.  My youngest baby is now 11 years old, but I'm sharing some of her baby portraits.  (Yes, I took photos of photos so there are "flashes" on these.  Sorry.) I had found a portrait studio that did cute pictures, reasonably priced, so I got a lot done in those few years.  Since those pictures were pretty handy to me, and the boys' baby pictures are all in albums, I am sharing pictures of Kennady today.

For comparison, this is a picture of me around 1 year old, I think.

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Debbie said...

Great. I love the comparison of you at age one and your daughter, you look like you are related!! LOL :-) I love the pompom picture and the picture of you. Wonderful, adorable, so cute.

Thanks for linking up and sharing your girl. God Bless. Have a great week.

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