Saturday, November 10, 2012

Think Back Thursday (on Saturday): Out of Focus

I'm late getting my Think Back Thursday posted for this week! Our theme is Out of Focus, and I have a lot of those pictures around.  There were a lot more before I had a digital camera! Even with the digital camera, and being able to see a preview of the photo, many times I just leave a questionable photo on the card and figure that I'll see what it looks like once I get it on the computer.  Sometimes I've been pleasantly surprised that a picture has turned out better than what the preview screen would indicate.  Today, though, I'm sharing some of the disappointments from a trip to Florida in 2008.

On our trip down, we spent a day in Virginia so we could attend a Virginia Tech football game.  I tried to take pictures of the marching band during halftime, but the man in the black hat is more in focus than the band is.

We met up with a friend and her family in Jacksonville, and got this helpful picture of me holding her baby.  Rotten backlighting! LOL

Getting a good picture under low lighting conditions always seems to be a challenge.  In this case, it was really a challenge, because I wasn't even the photographer! A stranger here at Key West offered to take a picture of our family, so I had to take what I could get.  I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did, because I think the gentleman who took it had his own focus issues - he seemed a little tipsy! LOL

I tried to get pictures of the beach from our hotel room in Daytona Beach...

and of the hotel from the beach.

This was an attempt at a beach picture in Fort Lauderdale.

And this... believe it or not, we were trying to get some photos of the space shuttle launch.  We knew they would mostly be pictures of a blob of light in the dark sky, and only we would know what it was supposed to be.  I don't remember how I got this blurred set of lights, but obviously the shutter was open and my hand wasn't steady.  LOL

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Debbie said...

Thanks for linking up. Late is fine. Better that than me never getting to see your pictures.

I hate it when my camera focuses on something other than the thing I was aiming for. I have a setting for my flash for when there is back lighting, does your camera have one? I actually like the picture of the beach and the hotel. But my favorite on the whole page is the last one... I think it came out really COOL!

Thanks again for participating in my meme and linking up. You are such a faithful participant. Hugs and God Bless, have a great week.

Kym Thorpe said...

My camera doesn't have a specific setting for backlighting, but I've experimented with the different settings, and have found a couple things to help. I think the camera I have now is new since that that trip too. Not that it would have likely made much difference! LOL

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