Thursday, January 31, 2013

Think Back Thursday: Black and White

This week's Think Back Thursday theme is Black and White.  How I wish I had access to the old photo albums back home so I could scan and share some really old family photos!  I don't have very many black and white pictures here that are originally black and white, rather than photo-shopped or pic-monkeyed to be black and white. I found these two photos - one of me and one of my hubby - in our photo albums here.

This is me, with my Aunt Jo-Anne.  It wasn't dated, but I'd guess I must have been around two years old. This is the kind of picture that nowadays we'd immediately delete from our digital camera, because  one of the subjects isn't completely in the frame.

And this is a picture I found of my hubby and his younger sister.  It's also not dated, but I'd guess he must have been between three and four years old.  Look at little sister - she can barely stand, but she is already in ice skates.  Not bob-skates either (hoo boy, did I just date myself with that?), but single blade skates.  That's the way we did it in Canada.  If you've taken even a couple of steps on your own, you're old enough for ice skates. I'm pretty sure this picture was taken in their backyard, because their family, like mine, flooded the backyard every winter so we had our own hockey rinks.

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Debbie Phillips said...

Great photos. I love looking back. My sister scanned and sent me a bunch of photos... that was so nice. Unfortunately, some of them she scanned so little I can hardly see them. I wish she would let me have them to scan myself.

Ice Skates... I don't know how young I was when I first ice skated... but I know it was not that young.

Thanks for linking up... I just love looking at old photos.

Tess said...

I haven't been ice skating in over 30 years! My children have never been ice skating. I remember back when I was growing up we'd go to the park where the field would be flooded to make ice rinks. One for the hockey games and one for free skate. Loved both pictures!

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