Monday, January 28, 2013

Think Back Thursday: Silly

On Think Back Thursday, I was supposed to post something Silly.  And if there's one thing we've got a lot of in our family, it's silliness.  Unfortunately, Thursday was a busy day for me, and Friday didn't get much better, so I am not only silly, but very late in sharing.

We've had some cold wintry weather over the past week or so, and I thought it might be nice to reflect on warmer days.  So here are just a few pictures of silliness from our summers.

While at Kingdom Bound in 2007, Kennady fell asleep on my lap during one of the afternoon sessions, and woke up with a very silly Bad Hair Day look.

After Kingdom Bound in 2009, we took a day trip to Niagara Falls.  It was a hot, sunny day; and there weren't any ponchos available at the bottom of the hike alongside the Falls.  We all decided we didn't need the ponchos and a little mist wouldn't hurt us.  Folks, it's more than a "little mist".  For future reference, wait for the ponchos.  My friend Denise posed with me for a silly Drowned Rat picture.

Here are three of my kids acting silly on the beach near Sandusky during our summer vacation in 2010.

Our cat is very tolerant of all the silliness he is subjected to.

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Debbie Phillips said...

I just love the sleepy bad hair day and cat pictures. It has been a looooong time since I have been to Niagara Falls but I remember that spray. Drowned Rat... lol so funny... good thing it was a warm day, I am sure you dried off fast enough in the sun. I would love to take my family to Niagara Falls. None of them have ever been there.

Tess said...

My favorite picture is the cat! My poor kitties are subjected to such silliness. Great pictures that make me wish it were summer already!

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