Saturday, March 2, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal: In Like a Lamb Edition

In our homeschool... Another week where illness kept us from getting a whole lot accomplished.  I was sick during the first half of the week, and the kids weren't completely recovered, so we really took it easy.  The kids worked on their own, and when I had a voice and felt up to it, worked with them.  That meant we did history only two days this week.  One lesson was about the building of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a little of San Francisco's history. With the mention of how the city grew following the gold rush, the kids immediately remembered that Ghirardelli Chocolate was started during the gold rush days, and when we discussed having a San Francisco inspired meal one evening, they asked for Ghirardelli for dessert. I was quite happy to comply.  We had a little trouble coming up with a menu - we weren't really in the mood for Rice-A-Roni, which was the only main dish we could think of! LOL  We did have some sourdough bread though, and of course, the Ghirardelli.

This evening we finally got a chance to do our 1930s Family Game Night - I'll share some more pictures in a couple days, I guess.

In other news... I was sick on the weekend, but kids were a lot better. I made it to choir on Monday night. It was a good thing the practice was Monday instead of Tuesday this week, because on Tuesday I had no voice and was too sick to go anywhere! Landon didn't feel well on Tuesday either, so he also skipped CAP.  By Wednesday evening, we were all okay to attend church activities. My worship team was supposed to practice on Thursday night, but we had some scheduling conflicts, so decided to just cancel for this week, since I still didn't have much of a voice.

Thankfully, today I felt quite a bit better! At last!  I took Spencer to our friend's place to get his senior portrait done for the yearbook, and then to the gym.  And the weather was quite nice today - March came in like a lamb here anyway.

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What's working/not working for us... keeping up with the schoolwork.  Two weeks of at least one of us being sick has put us behind in pretty much everything. I guess everyone is being a pretty good sport about it, but we will have to work pretty hard in March! We have reviews we're working on, as well as the other schoolwork, so we will have to make up that lost ground somehow!

Thoughts/questions I have... Why don't we have Family Game Nights more often? Actually, we're thinking about a 1940s theme Family Movie Night, now that we're studying that time period in history.

One of my favorite things this week... our Family Game Night.  For one thing, everyone is relatively healthy again! And it's actually unusual for all six of us to be home together on a Friday night and all doing the same thing.  We had some snacks and played games, and Harrison had brought home some strange sodas he found in the International foods aisle at the grocery store and had us taste test all of them.

A photo/video/quote or link to share... Visit Marcy's blog, Ben and Me, and enter for a chance to win a year's membership to Schoolhouse!

Source: via Kym on Pinterest

On the bookshelf...
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • The Wolf of Tebron by C.S. Lakin
  • The Spirit Well by Stephen R Lawhead
Finished To Whisper Her Name by Tamera Alexander

A parting shot...
One of the half dozen (at least!) WHITE elk we saw at an exotic animal rescue on Saturday.  We didn't even know the exotic animal rescue place existed in the first place, so it was kind of a neat surprise to drive past it.  But where did all the white elk come from?  Why so many? I'm going back sometime to find out more.
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Stacie said...

We had a rough week too. Sunday and Thursday my son had a seizure and Friday I spent the day on the phone trying to get into the neurologists quicker :( We also had the first three weeks of Feb being sick too :( Hope you all are on the mend :) Family game night is fun. We also need to do it more.

Unknown said...

We took the week off! Much needed break! Whew! We're getting back to work on Monday!

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