Friday, February 3, 2017

Homeschool Highlights - Groundhog Day Edition

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Homeschool news  . . . Our first semester ended a couple weeks ago and our grades were supposed to be submitted last Friday.  And I forgot to put our report card in the mail, so I wound up turning it in a couple days late. Oh, the shame! And I'm the one always telling our group administrators that there's really no excuse for the people who are chronically turning stuff in late. My bad. I will have to make sure it doesn't become a habit! As I shared in our Mid-term Update earlier this week, I would have liked for us to be further along at the midway point than we are, but there's no need for panic either.

From the High School Lesson Book - Mid-Term Update on Homeschool Coffee Break @  #homeschool  #highschool

Kennady did a lot of history this week, along with grammar, composition, and even math! She even got started reading some Shakespeare on her own, which surprised me a little. I thought she might prefer to wait and read it with me, but she is reading it out loud herself! Hey, whatever works.

Other news . . . Spencer did wind up on a jury so that's how he spent last Friday, then had to go straight to work afterwards. On Saturday, Landon and Kennady went to a movie night with the youth group so the hubster and I decided to get Chinese food. It was Chinese New Year after all, so what better occasion!? As usual, we ordered way too much, but we sure enjoyed the leftovers for the next couple days.

Tuesday was a little crazy in the evening, because there wasn't a Civil Air Patrol meeting, but the squadron did go snow tubing, so Landon was headed a different direction from the rest of us. It took a bit of juggling, but we did manage to get all of us where we needed to be - and home again afterwards!

On Wednesday morning, I went to get the last of our personal belongings out of the car, so it could be taken to salvage. That's right - it's officially totaled, so now we're on the clock with the rental car we're driving, and we're back to square one in finding a vehicle. Spencer didn't find a car he wanted last weekend, but is hoping to make a deal when he goes again tomorrow. If he does, that will help ease the pressure on DH and me to find something we're happy with.

Our last look at what was once our beautiful blue RAV4.

 photo cleanbutton_zpsnlzebjbs.png

I have been having a tough time staying on top of the housework lately, as we all get used to some new routines with my work schedule - and as we've had to work around all kinds of vehicle-related interruptions! I'm still trying to do at least some of the 34 Weeks of Clean assignments, but at this point, I do what I think is most important. This week the focus was on the fridge, freezers, and kitchen floors. Well, the fridge got a quick clean last weekend, but there is one shelf that still needs more than just a once-over! My husband and I talked about cleaning out the freezers on the weekend too, but then didn't actually do it, so that will have to wait. At least the floor is kinda clean. Visit Michele at Family, Faith and Fridays if you'd like more info about the cleaning challenge!

What's New . . . soon, a new dishwasher! It's about time too. We've been meaning to get a new one for at least a year, but kept putting it off or something else would come up. We'd thought about getting it for Christmas, but with company here and travel plans, it would have been challenging to figure out a delivery time and installation. So anyway, I ordered it at the beginning of the week, and it will be delivered about a week from now, and I am excited about it!

I recommend . . . fortune cookies for a good laugh. I don't know for sure how to give myself "quite" but that's what my fortune recommended!

On my blogs last week . . .

Just A Second is where I share book reviews and other book-related things, and update on what's on my bookshelf. This week I've continued reading:

A parting shot . . . the only souvenirs from Landon's trip to the Goddard Space Center.

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Mia White said...

I'm new here, thanks for hosting! I'm enjoying your blogs and the others on the hop... thanks again! :)

Joanne said...

A few hours of peace and quite sure would be nice! We always have a lot of fun reading our fortunes; my boys often get ones that try to give them business advice.

Christy said...

At least you found out what the insurance decided about your car and can move forward now. I hope everyone is able to find the vehicle they need at a price that is affordable, and in a timely fashion.

Have a restful weekend :)

Kelly Kiggins-Lund said...

Glad you won't have to wash dishes by hand anymore and that you were able to enjoy a date night with your hubby. When I was Kennedy's age, I enjoyed reading Shakespeare. Glad she self-initiated.

BARBIE said...

What a full week. I'm sorry about your van. I hope you find something you like and is affordable soon. I started the 52 week declutter challenge, and fell off the wagon after week one. So now I'm just trying to find something to organize or clean every weekend.

Unknown said...

" . . . peace and quite." Ha!!! Sounds like you've had a full week. Thanks for the peek into your homeschool. :)

MelissaB said...

Sounds like a busy week! I hope you get the car situation taken care of soon. That must be stressful!

Deann H said...

I'm really sorry about all the car troubles. Enjoy the new dishwasher!

Kylie said...

Oh dear the whole car thing doesn't sound good, but does that mean you are now shopping for a new one?

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