Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blogger Friend School - Assignment #2 {Sweet Dreams}

Last week we dreamed about our special place to blog! This week we are going to stretch some of that dream into reality. The purpose of this assignment is learn to accept our surroundings as God gave them to us and creatively make them a special place to preserve those heartfelt memories.

"If they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures"     ~Job 36:11 KJV

A.  Look at your dream place last week and using your creative juices and things in or around your home, CREATE a special place to blog. Most good writers have a location that is a comfort to them and makes their writing time enjoyable and productive. Share some quick ideas!

B.  Once you have created that special place, SHARE A PICTURE of where you blog. Remember to be creative! {I REALLY look forward to seeing this creativity. Some of you last week shared some really neat imaginitative posts and I know that this will be a challenge!}

C.  Share a verse this week that is upon your heart!


A & B.  Well, I didn't "dream" too much with the last assignment - I only wished for a laptop, so that I could take blogging with me wherever I went.  Buying that laptop is not in the budget for this year at all, so I am going to work with what I already have.  I actually do like my desk - the drawbacks of the current set-up are:  it's untidy and it's been too long since I organized the "clutter"; and we've had to be "creative" because the computer we have has a traditional monitor and the desk is designed for a flat-screen.  Also not in the budget.  But I'm actually rather used to the makeshift set-up we have to accomodate the monitor, so I'll be perfectly happy until whenever we upgrade computers and/or monitors.  So... here's what I did for the "A" part of today's assignment... I photoshopped a bit of clutter off my desk so that I have a better vision of what it will look like when I finish cleaning it up this week.


Like the encyclopedia monitor stand? LOL  Like I said, we were creative, and since it's a way outdated edition, this seemed a mighty fine way to make practical use of a few volumes.


Something else I need to do when I'm at the computer is have the window open and blinds up.  I do that often, but could do it more.  This is the view from my window - at sunset, mind you - which is not my prime blogging/computer time, but just to give an idea...  My window looks out onto our porch (which we are currently repairing) and there is a flower bed that we have allowed to get overgrown "sort of" on purpose.  Right now I can look out my window and see black-eyed Susans, a favorite flower of mine - and the state flower too.   I am working on dressing up the window itself as well.  I have new sheers made for these windows, and the materials I need to make new roman shades.  They will be SO much prettier than the blinds that are there now.  I don't have a timetable for finishing those blinds, but since my DH asked me about it last week, I've decided to bump it up the sewing/craft priority list. 


Quick suggestions... from me?  Make the space you have now clean (my biggest challenge) and add something inspirational to it.  For me, that will be an open window with attractive blinds, and I think a candle and some nice pictures around my desk area.


C.  This is timely, because I have been encouraged by my umbrella group to have a "theme verse" for our homeschool each year.  I've been thinking what I'd like to choose for this school year, and our orientation meeting is on Saturday, so I want my choice made by then.  One of the verses I've been considering is this one:

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men (or for Mom!), since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving."  ~Colossians 3:23-24


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MamaBugs said...

I'd have to change my blogging time just to be able to enjoy more of that view!

Anonymous said...

Hey, whatever works!

Nice pix!


Anonymous said...

I had do some sprucing up on my desk, too. :)


Mrs. C

Robyn said...

Just stopping by to say hi and Im so glad to be a part of this group. Blessings.

kerriruth said...

I like your verse! Thank you for sharing.


jenn4him said...

Some would call the encyclopedias a decorators touch! Nice job.


andijeane said...

I love your encyclopedia monitor stand! I agree about keeping your space clean and trying to add a pretty touch to it. I also really like the idea of having a theme verse for each year - I never thought of that before. Your verse is great too!

Thanks so much for sharing!


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

You can photoshop clutter out of a picture?

Wonder if you can do that with real life?!

If you know how, please fill me in!


MyChildrenAndMe said...

Looks almost like my monitor that just gave out last week. I've got a flat screen monitor on my 'want' list too. Maybe Santa might bring us one. Great blog spot, and a great creativity way to do the monitor.

Blessings from another BFS,


BChsMamaof3 said...

Love the photoshop'd photo *grin* Thanks for sharing with us and your verse was great.

Blessings from you blogger school friend,


Anonymous said...

I think your blogging spot works well, and I love your stand! My desk is very cluttered up, and I am wading thought that this week before I post mine!



jab300 said...

I like the verse you shared, and what a neat idea to have a theme verse for the homeschool year! I think we will give that a try. Julie

momofneb said...

What a beautiful sunset!!!! As far as your monitor "stand" ... a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do! LOL!!!!


proverbsmomof3 said...

I'm with Heidi, I wish I could Photoshop my life at times. It seems no matter how many times I cull the clutter, it mysteriously reappears the next day. I think those darned elves come in and do it to drive me nuts. LOL What a gorgeous sunset. Enjoyed stopping by today. Have a great one.


Anonymous said...

I like your sunset pictures. We live in the city and all we see is other houses.

I also like the verse you picked for your school year. I may have to find a verse for us as well.

Kate (#45)

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