Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tenth Grade Tuesday

Harrison started his Grade 10 English yesterday.  And didn't even complain much.  LOL  I have yet to grade it, but at least it's done.  Biggest challenge for Harrison this year will be resisting the urge to procrastinate on assignments.  Admittedly, he comes by that fault quite honestly, as I am the Procrastination Queen.  *sigh*  So, without further procrastination.... here is what we will be using for Grade 10.

What We're Using:

Math:  Saxon Algebra 1

Language Arts:  BJU Writing and Grammar 10

And also the Essay Architect

Social Studies:  Around the World in 180 Days

Science:  Apologia - Exploring Creation with Biology 2 (and he is NOT happy about it)

Fine Arts:  Basic Photography for Homeschoolers (by Kitty Sellby)  (half credit course)  He may also be doing some Music - learning bass guitar, and I have a Music History/Appreciation course that I am considering for all the kids starting in second semester.

Bible:  Quest - In the Beginning (Genesis)

Phys. Ed.:  16 week co-op gym class.


Prncsstefy said...

Sounds pretty good to me. I think the science sounds interesting.

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