Thursday, September 13, 2007

Third Grade Thursday

In keeping with the theme, I am sharing today about Landon.  He is in Grade Three this year, and is fairly self-motivated, so that is great!  Hopefully he will keep that quality as the year goes on, and in years to come as well.  When he was younger, he did not want to learn to read.  Not interested at all.  I wondered if we'd ever get anywhere with that because all he wanted to do was math, and when it came to phonetic sounds, he did NOT have a teachable spirit! LOL  He hates to be wrong, so he tends to stubbornly stick to his side of an argument in the face of all logical opposition just because he's chosen his position and will not surrender it.  Think what a tenacious man of faith he will be when that is directed appropriately!    That is our goal, of course.  At any rate, he did eventually decide that he was ready to learn reading, and from that point on he has been reading everything in sight and really doesn't need my help much.  Except when there are words he comes across that don't follow "the rules" - and there are many words in English that fall into this category!  Exceptions to an established rule bother him immensely. 

What We're Using:

Math:  Modern Curriculum Press Math C

Language Arts:  Alpha Omega Lifepacs

Social Studies:  Around the World in 180 Days

Science:  God's Design for Heaven and Earth - Our Planet Earth

Phys.Ed.:  16 week co-op gym class

We also attend a 12 week co-op in the spring.  The subjects are different every year, because it's dependent on which moms can teach and what their areas of "expertise" are.  We can usually count on some Art, and we've also had things like Sign Language, Hands-on Science, State History/Symbols etc, Geography, and Music.  It seems to me the preliminary planning meeting for the co-op is coming up pretty soon.  Which reminds me... I'd better check my calendar...


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