Friday, November 2, 2007


I had intended to post this quite awhile ago (as in WEEKS ago), and forgot.  This was a little art project we did for fun after studying an overview of the cultures of the Native Americans.  Each of the kids (even Harrison) made a totem.

Here's Kennady with hers (hard to see, but it is a penguin with a baby penguin sitting on top of its head)  Yes, I did point out that penguins live in the southern hemisphere and would be an unlikely subject for a Pacific Northwest Indian totem, but that is what she wanted.  LOL

I've posted this picture before - Harrison with his totem, which was an eagle if I remember correctly:

What a goof.

The other boys declined to have me take an individual picture with their totems.  Spencer made a moose, and Landon made a beaver.  Kennady stacked them up into a pole:

All four kids have their totems proudly displayed in their bedrooms!  Fun and easy project!


DanielleW said...

I love that picture of Harrison. LOL

Again, another great project!

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