Friday, November 2, 2007

Show and Tell {Edible Volcano}

We finally got around to making our edible volcano.  The kids have been bugging me about this since I first mentioned that we would do it, and I have in fact had all the ingredients on hand for at least a week.  The problem was finding a good day to do it - one on which we had time to assemble AND eat the project!  Yesterday was that day.

We're studying earth science this year, and our most recent lessons have been about earthquakes and volcanoes.  We put together a "seismograph" with a shoebox and a rolling pin to demonstrate how tremors can be measured.  Unfortunately I did not think to take a picture of that.  We also built block buildings and tested which designs held up best under earthquake conditions.  This was a popular activity because it involved shaking the table.  I found that I later had to ban all further use of the dining room table as tectonic plates, because Kennady's ongoing study of earthquake-proof buildings was putting MY plates - and indeed the table itself - at considerable risk...

Anyway, to finish up the study of volcanoes, we sculpted a cinder cone shape out of chocolate ice cream:

Then we added chocolate syrup lava:

followed by cookie crumbs for ashes and cinders, and some chocolate chip bombs.  The finishing touch was pouring some root beer over the top in hopes of having the effect of steam and poisonous gases.  LOL

That may be the best picture of the finished product too.  Here's a couple more, taken right before we started eating.

(that one is sideways - I just noticed!)

Conclusion from Kennady:  "I like volcanoes.  But I want mine without root beer."

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blessinghill said...

That looks like a lot of fun - and pretty good to eat too. I'm sure your little ones had a great time in creating their volcano.

Dot said...

Yummy Volcano,

That looked like so much fun.


Canadagirl said...

I will take my volcano with root beer any time. [ 0;

I think that is the most FUN volcano experiment EVER !!! Thank you sooooooooooo much for sharing this. I AM going to do this with the boys when we study this. hee he. They are going to LOVE this one !!! [ 0;

Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC

In Him<><


naturalpaths said...

I agree with Mary - that definitely is the most fun (and delicious) volcano experiment I've ever seen! That would be a huge hit at my house, minus the root beer. LOL

Kinley said...

That looks like fun! I'll have to try that some day with my son, he'd enjoy that.


bakerswife said...

Oh Boy!!! Good enough to eat...what a great volcano!

Kennday is right, I'd take mine straight chocolate.

Blessings, Mama Karen

bubbebobbie said...

That is so smart.. no baking soda, no vinegar, ROOTBEER! and I love rootbeer!

Great show and tell!

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

SuzyScribbles said...

Great idea. I've done my share of volcanoes with the baking soda and red vinegar, but never thought of an edible one. I shall have to suggest that to my DD sometime for her kids. Great idea and it looks pretty cool, too.

MyChildrenAndMe said...

Awesome project to do with the kids. I'm a root beer float person :-) and would eat the whole Your eatable Volcano, is a really neat ideal to do. Great & yummy show & tell.



jenn4him said...

Ice cream volcanoes!!! That is awesome!


DanielleW said...

You do the coolest things with your kids!

When we did a volcano it was flour and melted butter. I like yours WAY better.

Haflingerhorses said...

I think you should get an award for the Most Creative Homeschool Mother In the World.

That's way too cool!


Meg Falciani said...

Chocolate ice cream and Root Beer sound like Jude's idea of nirvana-school!

I am Koogle... said...

What a great volcano idea -- one I've never seen before! Looks like lots of fun. :)

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