Friday, January 9, 2009

Show & Tell {Kennady's Gecko}

I've been taking a break from blogging - not really intentionally, but just have had so much else going o over the holidays that blogging took a back seat.  Today is Show & Tell with CanadaGirl so I have a quick brag to do for that!


Awhile ago I did share that my daughter Kennady had learned how to crochet and she can chain circles around anybody.  LOL  She picks it up every now and again, but she wasn't crocheting every day or anything like that.  Before Christmas, I took her with me to a knitting group just for fun and she sat there and crocheted her chains.  I don't know what she will do with all of them...  So last Saturday I took her with me to the group again, and took a simple pattern and told her that Ms Patty would help her to read and understand the instructions (I only knit, don't crochet, so I'm no help).  As a result, I have a couple pictures of Kennady with the gecko bookmark that she made herself:


Here's a close-up of the gecko - I think he's kind of cute!

By the way, she also lost a tooth that same weekend, which was another picture-taking occasion.  How can such a small baby tooth leave such a huge gap - have you ever wondered?


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Haflingerhorses said...

She looks really young to be knitting! I'm totally impressed! And I love the gecko.


SuzyScribbles said...

Good grief! That is amazing. Good for your DD. I taught my DS to crochet at age 7 or 8 so he made a baby blanket for his sister's firstborn son. It was very precious. Andrew enjoyed crocheting, as it gave him something to do during "read aloud" time besides playing Lego. LOL

P.S. Actually, learning to crochet a blanket is much easier than making that bookmark!

jenn4him said...

Wow, so talented!


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