Thursday, January 15, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs #21 {School Days}

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This week I want YOU to post your school photo, whether from the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, or do we have anyone from the 60’s? lol I know you should have one for every year so find your best one and post it. Make sure to post year and grade!


Well, you all are in for a real treat - I had to hunt around to find some school pictures and could only come up with my Grade 1 picture.  I really didn't think it important to bring all my old school and class pictures with me when we moved, although I guess my yearbooks from high school are around here somewhere.  I could not even find my GRAD photo!! but I know DH has one somewhere.  I looked in his wallet and he apparently doesn't keep it there any more. 

So here I am, in Grade 1, five years old (1971).  Check out the Buddy Holly specs.  Groan.  I don't remember there being any choices in children's frames when I had to get glasses way back then.

I don't have any other pictures around here, but believe me, they are equally as embarrassing if not more.  I found this snapshot of myself and one of my best friends during a senior exchange trip (1984).  I'm on the right.

We really did not PLAN on having matching hairdos and earrings.

No official grad photo available today, but here is what I looked like at one of the grad banquets (1984).  Notice especially how straight my teeth are, as the braces came off only a couple months before.

(That's not all hair, there is quite a shadow behind me.  My really big hair was a couple years earlier)  I really don't have any pictures that do justice to the amount of blue eyeshadow and eyeliner, and hair product that I typically used.   Also, no pictures of my favorite haircut, the spiked-up crewcut with a tail at back - remember The Eurythmics?  Kind of like Annie Lennox minus red haircolor)  What really baffles me when I look back at the pictures is that I thought I was fat and had bad skin when I was a teenager.  What alternate universe was I living in??  I'd like to be "fat" like that now.  LOL

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Canadagirl said...

What a FUN post ! It shows me that were were in HS at the same time. I gradded in 87 when did you ?

What a pretty pic of you at your grad. I wanted to stop in and say Hi ! And let you know you were missed. I am starting to feel like I can breath again. I had waaaaaay to much on my plate last year. I am REALLY trying to not have so much this year.

Blessing and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

In Him<><


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