Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recent Odds and Ends

We HAVE been doing school since Christmas, really!!  I have not been blogging though, partly because I'm not motivated to do it for some reason, and partly because I've been either busy or distracted with all kinds of other things.  Last month I got together my birthday money and Christmas money and bought myself a new camera:

so I've been trying to get used to it.

Harrison bought himself Rock Band for his game system and the kids have been playing with that, and I have to admit its so nice to have them doing somethng together other than fighting!

This past weekend, we had a stray cat up on our roof - we don't know why.  We noticed it up there on Saturday morning and just ignored it - after all, he got up, he can get himself down, right? 

Saturday evening I came home from the store, and Tumor (as we refer to this cat, because its got an icky growth on its chest) was still up there.

Came home from church on Sunday, and he was STILL up there...

So DH finally decided to take action and we coaxed the cat down.  Haven't seen Tumor since, so maybe he is scared of heights now.  LOL

In school-related news, we've been plugging away at History and Science.  In Science, we recently studied gears:

In History we are finally finished with the thirteen colonies and the American Revolution.  I suspect that we will spend two years rather than one on US History!!  Good thing I left those lesson plans fairly open-ended.  Turns out we were able to visit Annapolis a week ago, which coincided nicely with the end of the our discussion on the Revolution, as the State House in Annapolis briefly served as the United States Capitol (the only State House with that distinction) and it was where George Washington resigned his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.  Those pictures will be in another entry.

The kids should be receiving their report cards soon - and co-op classes and gym classes are back in session for the spring, so we are definitely busy.  I'll try to keep the blog updated!


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