Friday, March 27, 2009

Show & Tell {Art Glass field trip}

It's time for Show & Tell, and as usual I am late in getting mine ready.  I posted a little preview earlier today though.

On Monday, I took Landon and Kennady on a field trip.  We visited an art glass studio in Baltimore and were able to see how the glass pieces are made, and the kids each got to make a marble using the technique!  As our group arrived, we looked around at the interesting glasswork in the workshop area.

Calla lilies!

I thought this looked a little like Spanish onions!  Its MUCH larger, and is hanging from the ceiling, almost like a chandelier.

Here's where its all made:

As we were getting settled, our tour guide - the owner and artist, Tim - quickly fashioned a horse out of glass. 

Then it was our turn.  One at a time, the kids chose which colored glass bits they would use for their own marble.  This is Kennady getting a quick lesson on how to hold the rod and keep turning it so that the hot glass doesn't droop.

Tim got the hot glass on the end of the rod, and then Kennady pressed it into the little pile of lavender glass she had chosen.

Next, over to the furnace where the glass is heated again, always turning the rod.

Back to the stainless steel table again, this time to shape the molten glass by turning and pressing it onto the table.

And to the furnace again...

Finally, Kennady can sit down (still turning the rod though!) and Tim helps her to pinch in the end of the glass so that the rounded marble will come off the rod.  (I took a little video of that, which I will add here later if I can)

Landon's turn:

Here is Kennady's finished marble:

All the kids in our group proving that they still have their marbles!

Afterwards we looked around the shop and gallery - beautiful and unique work!!

He's got everything you could imagine in there, including the kitchen sink! (Actually, this is the bathroom sink - we couldn't resist taking a picture, despite the fact that our reflections are in the mirror! Ooops LOL)

Thanks for coming by - more show and tell fun can be found by visiting Mary aka CanadaGirl

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Relishing Life said...

I can't wait until my little guys are old enough to go on a field trip like that!!! What beautiful pieces of glass art!!! I love the beauty of glass. I can't believe that they all got to make their own marble! How cool! I will definitely have to find a glass art studio near us when the boys are old enough.

Mother of 3 said...

That is so NEAT! We went to a glass fusion class last year and we've watched glass blowers at work but as far as I know we don't have anything like this in our area. My boys would love that. What a wonderful opportunity.

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