Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Foodie-type PhotoJournal

This past weekend we attend a barbecue festival - we LOVE barbecue!  While I didn't take pictures of the food itself, I did grab a few shots just for fun.  Well... and so that we could remember websites and names and things.  Like this one - there is a BBQ Radio Show.  Who knew?

Website to check out -

The tagline on this one made me laugh:

Certified Vegetarian Deprogrammers
The event also featured an 80s cover band - very fun! Yes, we knew ALL the words!

We took Kennady with us - only Kennady - and she had a great time with the hula hoops while we listened to the 80s music.

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store - the recently opened Wegman's store, to be precise - because we needed a few things. I made the discovery last week that many of my friends are not familiar with Wegman's and I didn't think I explained it all that well, so as we walked in the store, I thought "why not take pictures and blog about Wegman's?" I didn't get pictures in every department - obviously - but I hope the few that I did get will entertain and educate.

Wegman's features a food-fair type area with a smoothie bar, salad bars, pizza, deli, bakery items, and a cafe ----

even a sushi counter ----

seafood and fish market, and meat market - they dry-age their own beef. They had steaks that had to be about 3 inches thick. And an Australian cut that ran to almost $60/lb!!! Tempting... but we'll stick with the economy cuts for the most part!

This, however, is the piece de resistance - the Cheese Counter. This only shows PART of the cheese counter. The cheese section almost as big as my house. Oh wow, we love cheese...

Cheese! Glorious Cheese!
and what really put us over the top was the discovery that I could buy fresh cheese curds at Wegman's. We have never found them anywhere else in our state - I think it's illegal to sell them here. I'm only partly kidding about that. And I sincerely hope that the authorities do not crack down on them, now that I've outed them. For some reason I only took a cellphone camera picture of the cheese curds that have brought us such happiness, so I don't have a picture to share here!

Anyway, after the cheese department, I completely forgot that I had a camera until we left the store, so I didn't get pictures of the produce department (which really IS bigger than my house, I'm quite sure) or the organic section, or the International Foods section...

Since this is food-related, I will jam it in with this post as well, even though it's from a few weeks ago... we tried smoking a cabbage on our grill. When my DH told me this plan, I wasn't real enthused. Cabbage just does not say "appetizing" to me. But we were having company and were willing to give it a whirl. So here is our cabbage, ready to head to the grill:

What we did: Remove the core from a head of cabbage, leaving a 'well' about three inches or so. Chop some bacon and a sweet onion, saute together in butter until the onion is soft. Drain the butter and fat from that and reserve it. Mix the onion and bacon with about a half bottle of bbq sauce and put all of that into the cabbage well. Top it with small squares of butter, and then drizzle the butter/bacon fat over the whole thing. Then smoke it in the grill for about an hour. I'd love to say it changed my mind about cabbage, but I can't quite go that far. It was still cabbage. LOL But it was entirely tolerable, which - for ME - is saying a lot.


tammy said...

Mmm, that cabbage actually looks yummy to me! (but I do love cabbage) Love the Good to the Bone barbecue poster. :) We have a new Wegman's not too far from me, but I still haven't gone. What really rots is that I can no longer eat cheese! Figures!!

KymPossible said...

Oh no! I would be very sad if I couldn't eat cheese any more. :-( Check out the Wegman's - I think it's a really FUN place to shop! (we have the greatest date nights - Lowe's and Wegman's - nothing says "romantic" like a trip to the grocery store, but that's the way we roll! ROFL)

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