Friday, August 12, 2011

Blast from the Past - TV News

Yesterday we took a field trip to the NBC affiliate studios in Baltimore.  It had changed a lot since I took the older two boys several years ago.  I  think that first field trip must have been before I started blogging, so the few pictures I have will be my Blast from the Past for this week.

The outside of the building didn't change at all, as far as I can tell.

We were able to see most of the inner workings of the studios at that visit, including the newsrooms, the radio studios, the editing rooms, etc; but the only place I took pictures was on the news set.

This is the weather desk.  We talked to the weather girl for a bit too, and unfortunately I no longer remember her name.  I don't have any idea if she is still at that station, but I kind of doubt it.

Spencer pretending to be a news anchor
Harrison's turn
Look how LITTLE they are!!! haha  I think they must have been about 10 and 12 years old respectively.  They are nearing their 17th and 19th birthdays now.

Here they are sitting on the set they used for the morning news talk show at the time.  We were able to sit there and watch the noon news broadcast take place live.  It was so interesting!  The weird thing about that field trip was that the three of us had the place to ourselves that day.  I had arranged for our homeschool group to do this tour, but the station could only take 20 people at a time.  The response of interested families from our group was overwhelming, so I arranged to have three groups going on consecutive days.  My group went the first day, but it was the last date added to the schedule and only two other families (I think) were planning on going with us.  At the last minute both of them cancelled (I think that possibly the weather was sketchy that day) so it was just me and the two boys.  But we had fun anyway.

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Debbie said...

I just left a message and I am following you at Homeschool Coffee Break. When I signed up there it said the title was "This Blog Needs A Title"... so funny. I will sign up to follow you here also as soon as you get a Google friend connect up and working. Thanks for linking up to Blast From The Past this week. It is so fun to see what others have done for field trips. We have never done a field trip to a t.v. studio. I love looking at photos of my kids when they were younger... that is one of the reasons I started the BFTP meme, also I wanted to share pre-blogging days photos. Well I have other places in the blogging world to check in with and then I have a bunch of housework to get done. See you later. Keep joining me at BFTP and thanks again for joining this week.

kympossible said...

I just changed the title of my homeschool blog - I had "this blog needs a title" as the name of it for a long time and got used to it! but I figured it was time for a REAL name. ;-) I'm looking forward to continuing with BFTP!

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