Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Homeschooling {5 Days of Preparing for the Holidays}


One of the hallmarks of homeschooling is that we can set our own schedules, taking breaks when it suits us. As a result, often we are studying when public school kids are out with snow days or during holiday breaks.  But at least as often, we have days off or take vacations while public schools are in session.  

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, I'd say our family takes more time off than the public schools allow their students.  I do not even pretend that we will do a full week of school during Thanksgiving.  Wednesday is a half-day at best, because we are preparing for Gobble in the Lot (tailgate style Thanksgiving dinner with DH's hockey league and their families - I mention it in my Day 2 post) and getting our Christmas decorations out (see my Day 1 post).  Thursday is Thanksgiving, of course!  If I do go shopping on Black Friday, it's not until late morning, but I still plan on taking it easy for school that day. In fact, this year I've scheduled only Monday and Tuesday as school days for Thanksgiving week.

  As we move into December, our schedules stay very flexible.  Easing the expectations of our schooldays helps ME to avoid at least some of the inevitable stress that comes with the holidays. Depending on which day of the week St Nicholas Day falls on, we may replace our regular History lesson with a mini-unit on St Nicholas.  I'm usually very willing to discuss holiday traditions around the world during December, so the time spent doing that reading and research - and often baking! - takes the place of regular studies. I count Christmas Craft Breakfast as a school day!  We usually take a full two weeks off around Christmas, as for the last several years we have gone to visit family for the holiday.  While the break is greatly appreciated, we do face the challenge of getting back into a routine afterwards, and generally we are back to the books on January 2nd!

How do you schedule your homeschooling through the holidays? Leave a comment and then join the other bloggers to read their thoughts.

Happy Holidays! 

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Brandy Brockhausen said...

We also take more days off this season than the public schools do, but we like to enjoy preparing for the holidays together...and we just do school until we finish our stuff anyways! Happy Holidays!

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