Thursday, December 20, 2012

O is for... Old Year

"Fast away the old year passes", as the song says, and in some respects it's amazing how quickly we are nearing the end of 2012.  The first Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog Cruise for 2013 will feature a look back at 2012, so I'm getting a little bit of a head start here.  Even though we're not quite halfway through the school year, the Christmas/New Year break is usually a time to look at what we've done so far in our school year and think about what we might need to change for the second half.

Taking a look back at the curriculum I chose at the beginning of the school year, I'm pleased to say that it doesn't look like there's anything we want to throw out and replace with something different!  I listed our 2012-2013 curriculum in this post: Curriculum Choice 2012-2013 Link-Up.

Spencer should be able to finish the Graphic Design course by the end of first semester, which leaves open the possibility of doing another course in second semester.  We're considering the programming course from TeenCoder that I purchased awhile ago.

Landon's course load was pretty light so we added some Art.  He is doing the Complete-A-Sketch series from Insight Technical Education, which seems right up his alley.  He's not into watercolors or still life sketching, but these technical drawings are something he doesn't mind doing at all.  (I posted about Insight Technical Education in my post for the letter I.)

Kennady was doing God's Great Covenant for her Bible class, but then started attending a girl's Bible study, so we set that aside for now.  And I don't remember hearing any complaints about Math, so while I think she could be working through it faster, at least she is doing it without weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  On her part or mine.  LOL  Hooray for Fred!!

Of course we could be working faster in most of our courses, but for the most part we seem to be on track! Woot! 

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Leslie said...

That is super impressive that everything is working for you guys! Congrats. Have a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year!

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