Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday's Treasures - A Barbecue for Charlotte

Every bed of Roses

Happy Canada Day! (It was yesterday, July 1st)

I picked this book totally for its pictures, and its Canadian-ness. Truth.  A Barbecue for Charlotte is a children's book by Canadian painter and storyteller Marc Tetro. Tetro's artwork was popular on t-shirts and coffee mugs and that sort of thing sold as souvenirs, and I really liked the bold color-block style. So right around the time that we moved to the United States, someone in my family (I don't remember who - isn't that awful?!) gave me this book.

The simple story is about a moose named Charlotte that doesn't seem to quite fit in. She's not as girly as her sister, but she wasn't really welcome playing volleyball with the boys either. One day she found a little barbecue tripod that she could wear as a hat, and she thought it was fabulous! Of course the other moose made fun of her, but her grandma encouraged to keep on trying new things and being herself. Turned out Charlotte's strange "antlers" came in handy saving her sister from wolves!

Note the Hudson Bay blanket Charlotte has on her bed, and the map of Canada on the wall!

What's more Canadian than a moose and a Hudson Bay blanket? Other than a hockey game, I can't think of much.

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Oh Kym that book looks so cute. :)

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