Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome to Kamp Kennadyanne

Welcome to Kamp Kennadyanne on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com - How we created our own "day camp" for the one kid that wasn't going on the youth group trip!

Early Wednesday morning, all three boys left for Creation. It's not like Kennady had wanted to go or was disappointed that she wasn't going, but it's the first time I can think of that all three of her brothers were away. Prime opportunity for some exclusive mother-daughter time! We came up with the silly idea of calling the week Kamp Kennadyanne and doing at least one special thing each day as a "camp activity". It didn't take long before Kennady decided that we should take some pictures for our camp scrapbook, and I'm already thinking about how we can improve and expand Kamp Kennadyanne for next year. (Especially since it will be at least another year or two before I'll even consider letting her go to Creation!)

Kamp Kennadyanne opened for registration on Wednesday morning at breakfast. Our camp features a fantastic counselor to camper ratio! I'm the counselor and director of the camp, and there's only one camper. It's a very exclusive camp. We decided Dad could be the Kamp Kop and he can attend the parent programs. LOL

Wednesday activities included some summer school assignments (nothing too difficult!), music lessons, and we got together with a neighboring camp (actually our church youth group) for outdoor games. We ended the day with Kamp Kennadyanne movie night - Kennady and I took milk and cookies to her room and watched "Pride and Prejudice" together.
On Thursday, Kamp Kennadyanne got started earlier in the day with a trip to town to meet with a Bible study group, followed by an exciting fundraiser lunch at Chick-fil-A. Kennady was too tall to play in the kids area, but she did get a milkshake so it was all good.
We also did a little shopping and visited the library to load up on some light Kamp reading.

In the evening, Kennady joined us at worship team practice and enjoyed some Kindle time. Then it was back to the kampground for ice cream!
Friday was computer camp day, because we have a couple of reviews we're working on for the Schoolhouse Crew that involve online games and computer programming activities, so we focused on those. Unfortunately, the day also included thunderstorms and power outages, so we shut down the computer and had to cut computer camp short. In the evening, we included the parents (which was me and the hubster) and went for a walk and bike ride once the rain had stopped.

On Saturday we took a field trip to pick up the family's food order from a food ministry program we're trying. The afternoon was spent relaxing during free time, and in the evening, we had pizza night!

We welcomed the boys home on Sunday afternoon, but they spent the rest of the day sleeping and doing laundry. LOL We'll do a few Kamp Kennadyanne things this week too, mainly for Kennady's birthday and for the 4th of July.

I'm so glad we thought of doing this! If you've got some siblings headed to camps or summer activities leaving a youngest (or two) at home, consider making it a special event by doing a couple of "day camp" activities. Easy-cheezy-lemon-squeezy, but an opportunity to make memories!

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Stacie said...

That's a good idea. I like how you had special activities planned for her each day. Looks like she had just as much fun.

Joanne said...

Fabulous idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love these ideas!!! Great job mom.

Tonia said...

Great idea! I have an only and some weeks in the summer can be pretty boring - this would spice things up a bit!

Tawnee said...

How fun, what a great idea. Think I may have to swipe a few ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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