Friday, October 18, 2013

A Kootenai Falls Photojournal

It's early in the game, but I am on pace to set a personal record for how quickly I get my vacation pictures and experiences shared on the blog. After all, this is only the second installment, and I know I won't be able to keep on doing one each day.

We spent pretty much all of Saturday, September 28th in the air or in airports travelling from Baltimore to Spokane. On Sunday, September 29th, we drove from Spokane to Kalispell, Montana with a couple of stops along the way. The first stop was at Bonners Ferry, Idaho to visit a wildlife refuge. (See A Wildlife Refuge Photojournal for the pictures.) Today's Photojournal is from the second stop we made, at Kootenai Falls and the Swinging Bridge, on US Highway 2 between Libby and Troy in Montana.

Just a short walk from the parking area along the highway, we were rewarded with the first glimpse of the Kootenai River.

The railroad line follows the river, and two long freight trains passed while we were there.

Although it was still cool and cloudy, it didn't rain on us. The water sure looked cold though!

Unusual for Landon to allow me to take his picture without making a goofy face!

Can't remember which of the kids took this picture of me and the hubster, but they did a good job.

At the other end of the path was the swinging bridge mentioned on the sign. I have issues with bridges, particularly bridges that sway or shake, and to make matters worse, I have boys who think it humorous to make those kinds of bridges sway or shake as much as possible. However, I did cross the bridge not once, but twice. (I had to come back, there was no alternative route back across the river.)

The view from the bridge made up for some of my nervousness.

Some kayakers were navigating rapids nearby. It looked like it may have been a "class" with a couple of experienced instructors giving guidance to students, but I wasn't sure. I was just glad it wasn't me. I'm not sure whether I'd be game to try kayaking someday. Probably I would, since I used to enjoy canoeing in the Bow River. But I would choose a much warmer time of year.

The stairs on each end of the bridge are almost as panic-inducing as the bridge itself, since the steps are open. Not a comfortable feeling for people nervous about heights.

Right after I took this picture, in which Landon and Kennady both look cool as cucumbers (I love this picture, by the way!), Landon decided to try swaying the bridge for Kennady's "enjoyment". She looks like she's laughing in the picture, but she was actually pleading with me to make him stop!

Whew! Safely down the stairs!

Looking at the bridge from the sane and safe vantage point of solid ground, I'm honestly a bit surprised - and proud! - that I went across at all!

Another great place to stop and enjoy an easy hike and beautiful views if you're in the area! And it's free too!

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