Saturday, November 23, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Blue Ribbon Edition

In our homeschool... not a bad week, although not great either. I think we need to have a class in Alarm Clock Response 101. *ahem*

Social Studies - We took a bit of a break in this subject, since the lack of a properly working oven is making our Eating the Americas project difficult, and we can't bake the Sculpey clay so we didn't work on Kennady's retablo art project either. We did spend some time getting to know more about the Mayan and Aztec civilizations though.

English - After a (too-long) break from IEW, we had to do a little review before moving on to the next writing assignment. Thankfully it all came back quickly for the kids and they were quite happy to be back to the writing. Or at least that's the impression I had. ;-)

Math - Landon finished an Algebra unit and surprised himself (but not me) by acing the test. Kennady is still slogging away at working with fractions. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for Life of Fred books. I can't imagine trying to get her to learn math using only a regular textbook. We switch it up between Fred and Math Mammoth worksheets.

Music/Art - I posted Kennady's art lessons for the week on my Virtual Refrigerator.

In other news... Landon is doing great with his new contact lenses, so I went ahead and ordered his supply. When we went in for the follow-up visit to see how he was doing, the eye doc was still gushing about how impressed they all were that he was able to put the lenses in and take them out on his very first try. LOL Everyone has a talent, I guess!

I bought a new element for the oven, but it hasn't completely solved the problem, so I suppose we will be looking at buying a new oven. Merry Christmas to us. 8-P

One of my favorite things this week... receiving my notice that I will be on board for the 2014 Schoolhouse Crew!

Things I'm working on... the break from doing reviews is giving me a little more time to focus on lesson planning so I've been trying to do that. I've got lots of housework projects I need to do as well. I also plan to get my book blog updated - finally.

My posts this week included:
A link to share... Visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog and find out which vendors won the Blue Ribbon Awards for 2013!


On the bookshelf...
  • Forsaken Dreams - Mary Lu Tyndall
  • The MacKinnon's Bride - Tanya Anne Crosby
  • Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven - Rory Noland
  • At Home in Dogwood Mudhole - Franklin Sanders
  • Patience - Lori Copeland
  • The Gossamer Cord - Philippa Carr
Finished A Time for Silence by Philippa Carr.

A parting shot... Our crazy cat managed to get the cupboard above the fridge open so he could climb inside and snuggle up to the bags of flour. Not.Cool.

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Lucinda @ said...

Sorry but I love the cat pic! I bet it was lovely and cosy up there among the flour. :-) And hurray for Life of Fred, eh? My son loves the elementary series. It's good to know they carry on being as good.

Michelle said...

Alarm clocks?! What are those? :) We like LOF, too. It changed our homeschool experience. Excited to be on the Crew with you in '14!

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